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September 1st, 2022 at 1:00pm EDT

Upside-Down Tips and Techniques: Rail-less Solar Wire Management on Metal Roofs


S-5!’s Director of Solar Business, Mark Gies

S-5’s Vice President of Research & Development, Dustin Haddock



Installing solar PV on metal roofs is easier and less costly with a rail-less mounting solution vs. rail-based systems. With 80% less racking material, simpler logistics and less time on the roof, you’ll gain savings and ease of installation. But there are a few nuances, such as wire management, that may be different than rail-based systems and must be planned out in advance.

Some webinars and media coverage teach tips and techniques for wire management, but it can be difficult to relate their insights to real-world experiences on the roof.  Often, they focus on the mechanical part of the installation, leaving much of the wire clipping and connecting conductors under the modules out of view.

On today’s S-5! training session, we will focus solely on wire management and provide you with a unique perspective to visualize hands-on installation.  We’ll do this by installing solar modules upside-down, so the exact wiring details can be easily seen.  Welcome to S-5!’s upside-down world of solar on metal roofs.


Takeaways from this virtual event:

  • Fundamental best practices for wire management of rail-less solar on metal roofs, including strategic string design and module preparation
  • Straightforward examples of strategic string design
  • A hands-on look at preparing and sequencing modules for a quick and efficient installation