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CanDuit™ Pipe Clamps

Restrain, secure and support piping, conduit, condensate lines and other round shapes – all while protecting your metal roof.

CanDuit Brochure

How do you attach pipes, conduit and other round objects to metal roofs? S-5! CanDuit

Are you propping up pipes and conduit on your metal roof with wood blocks, cinderblocks, rubber pads, Unistrut or whatever else you can find? These haphazard and messy assemblies can trap moisture, cause corrosion and leech chemicals onto the roof, voiding its warranty.

With the CanDuit securement clamp, you can contain piping and conduit in an easy, organized manner with no scratching, corrosion or other damage to your roof.


Multiple Applications

CanDuit works on all types of metal roofs. Simply pair CanDuit with S-5!’s non-penetrating clamps for standing seam roofs, S-5!’s weatherproofed brackets for exposed-fastened roofs or the GRipperFix® utility system. Expertly support piping and conduit in residential and commercial settings for a range of applications:

Securement Clamps Available in 14 Diameter Dimensions*

*Match outer diameter of the pipe/conduit to the adjustability range.


Cost Range:

$2.24 - $4.48 (per clamp)

*Pricing above is in USD. Prices vary based on region and other factors. Pricing improves with order quantity. Broken boxes may be subject to handling charges. Call your Authorized S-5! Distributor for current pricing.

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This Product Works on the Following Roofs


Standing Seam





Product Specifications:

  • Strap is corrosion-resistant, electro-zinc coated steel; 8-micron minimum thickness.

  • EPDM liner pad prevents abrasion.

  • Durable in all environments, CanDuit comes with a 10-year warranty against manufactured defects.

  • Available in 14 sizes with a pipe outer diameter from .79" (20 mm) to 4.6” (117 mm).

  • Adjustability within each clamp increases with clamp size to secure most conduit and pipes.

  • CanDuit’s M8 threaded shaft mounts directly to any S-5! clamp or bracket.

  • Clamps mount round shapes parallel, transverse or askew to roof seams.

  • Use with GRipperFix to mount multiple pipes/conduits in groupings or to support a single pipe between two seams. An additional M8 flange nut is required.

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