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PVKIT® HUR Rail-Less Metal Roof Solar Mount

The Direct-Attach™ Solution for Standing Seam and Exposed-Fastened Metal Roofs 

PVKIT HUR Brochure

An enhanced version of the original PVKIT rail-less, solar mounting solution for metal roofs, PVKIT HUR (High Uplift Resistance) is part of Centroplan's solar and metal roof system; and it is the first-of-its-kind PV mounting system specifically designed for high wind uplift performance of installed solar panels.

Designed for coastal communities, island geographies and other high-wind zone areas, the system is also the first metal roof PV mounting system to receive FM Approvals' toughest PV Standard—FM 4478.

Centroplan's listed system combines the PVKIT HUR paired with the S-5-E™ standing seam clamp, JA modules and the Butler MR-24® roof.

Designed to withstand extreme wind uplift forces such as hurricane forces, as well as heavy snow loads, the 6" (152 mm) length of the overhead grabs, providing a larger contact area with the top of the PV module’s frame. This prevents it from releasing as the module frame bows under extreme forces. A new contact surface design and angle also increases the grip on the frame. The new baseplate design further prevents the module from bending and disengaging under high wind uplift forces. Together, these features improve the structural integrity of the module-to-roof attachment.

First Solar & Metal Roof System Approved to FM 4478

(The system is only FM-approved when paired with the S-5-E Camp)


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PVKIT HUR Features

• Increases wind uplift resistance of mounted solar modules - 105 psf rating

• Gravity (snow) load strength test - 120 psf rating

• Listed to FM Approvals' toughest PV standard

• Reduces added dead load of mounting components

• Improves load distribution by 25% reducing point loads


PVKIT HUR Works for the Following Roof Type:




Standing Seam



PVKIT HUR Components

PVKIT HUR Mid (Includes PV Disk)

Attachment for exposed-fastened roofing. See specific product pages for critical dimensions to ensure correct bracket selection.

PVKIT HUR Edge (Includes PV Disk)

Used at edges of array to attach modules to rooftop clamp or bracket leaving a clean finished look.

PV Disk (included with PVKIT HUR)

Structural platform between module frame and clamp or bracket, which performs multiple functions. Bonding teeth abraide anodization creating a continuous electrical path along module columns. Slotted holes at the edge of the disk act as attachment locations for wire management ties.


When you pair the PVKIT HUR with the S-5-E the system is FM Approved.

Compatible S-5! Bracket

Attachment for exposed-fastened roofing. See specific product pages for critical dimensions to ensure correct bracket selection.

(Pictured: ProteaBracket™ for exposed-fastened, trapezoidal rib metal roofing. Visit our bracket overview page to view additional attachment solutions.) 

Compatible S-5! Clamp

For use on standing seam profiles. See individual pages to select the best attachment solution for your metal roof profile.

(Pictured: S-5-S.  Visit our clamp overview page to view additional attachment solutions.)

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