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MLPE Mount™

Secure and bond microinverters
and power optimizers to solar PV panel frames.

MLPE Mount Brochure

The right way to attach MLPEs to virtually all solar module frames

The MLPE Mount provides a cost-effective, versatile method to attach module-level power electronics (MLPE) directly to solar PV module frames. Designed for microinverters and optimizers under 3 lbs., the MLPE Mount secures most optimizers and microinverters anywhere along the underside of the module frame. This provides the versatility needed to better manage module-to-module wire management, and electrically bonds the equipment together to easily comply with grounding requirements.

MLPE Mount™ is designed for any microinverters and optimizers that weigh under 3 lbs.


Minor Box: $49.50 Qty: 25


*Pricing above is per bracket in USD. Prices vary based on region and other factors. Pricing improves with order quantity. Broken boxes may be subject to handling charges. Call your Authorized S-5! Distributor for current pricing.

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MLPE Mount Product Specifications:

• Attaches MLPE devices anywhere along aluminum module frames 

• Designed for microinverters and optimizers under 3 lbs.

• 304 Stainless steel body & fastener

• Tab design aligns w/ MLPE slot, easing installation

• Bonds MLPE to module frame -
UL 2703 Approval pending

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How to Install the MLPE Mount on Your Roof Profile*

 Insert the MLPE Mount into the bottom flange on the MLPE mounting plate. Make sure the alignment tab on the MLPE Mount is fully inserted into the MLPE module at the maximum depth of the slot. Fully insert the MLPE and MLPE Mount into the flange of the solar module frame. The alignment tab on the MLPE Mount must securely attach to the MLPE Mounting Plate. Tighten bolt, the appropriate torque value is 115 inch pounds.

MLPE Mount Installation Instructions

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