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Solar Mounting Brackets & Systems

Rail-Based & Direct-Attach™ Solutions


Solar and Metal Roofing = A Perfect Marriage

Pairing solar PV with metal roofing is a wise decision. A roof-mounted solar plant is a big investment! Modules today typically have an average service life of more than 30 years.


S-5! Offers a Variety of Engineered Solutions for Mounting Solar PV and Related Components on Both Standing Seam and Exposed-Fastened Metal Roofing

Are you mounting your system with equally durable and dependable brackets? 

At S-5!, we first focus on designing attachment solutions to maintain their integrity for more than 50 years. Rest assured that if this objective is not met, we will not sell it. We will never compromise the durability, longevity and weather integrity of a finished solar-roof system. 

Your chosen mounting method can have a profound effect on the cost of materials, total installation time and labor, material handling, and logistics, freight expense, etc. We consider all of these factors with our diverse product offerings.

When it comes to mounting method preferences, S-5! covers all options with the PVKIT, a rail-free (or direct-attach™) solution, along with products for mounting rail-based systems. We also offer solutions for mounting balance of system components.

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Need Help Deciding Which Solar Mounting System is Best for Your Project?

We’ve put together a series of questions to help evaluate whether your project would be best suited for railed or rail-less solar mounting. Download the quick guide version to use on your next project.

Find the Metal Roof Solar Mounting System that Best Suits Your Application.

There are multiple options when mounting solar on a metal roof, the details of which can impact installation costs and lifetime performance. Metal rooftop mounting consists of two basic parts: the (roof) mounting hardware and the actual solar panel attachment interface. Choosing to go with a rail-based or rail-less installation method depends on a variety of factors and is also a personal preference. S-5! offers attachment solutions for both methods. 

What Products Does S-5! Offer for Rail-Free Solar Applications?

The S-5-PVKIT is a rail-less mounting solution that uses the metal roof’s integrated “rails to attach solar modules. It reduces the weight of the mounting system, provides better load distribution and lowers overall material costs when compared to traditional rail mounting.



Save up to 35% on material cost and up to 50% installation time when mounting solar PV. Use your metal roof’s “built-in” rails and the PVKIT direct-attachment system. (Compatible with all S-5! clamps and most brackets.) 

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What Makes the S-5-PVKIT an Ideal Choice for Mounting PV on Metal Roofs?

Most metal roofs are uniquely different from other roof types. They give the roof covering structural capacity (beam strength), due to their longitudinal seams or rib configurations. As we like to say at S-5!, “The seams (or ribs) of the roof are the rails!.” The PVKIT attaches the modules directly to the seams or ribs of the roof without the need for the addition of rails. This leads to savings in material, equipment needs, shipping, logistics and install time. [link to content]

The PVKIT is mounted to S-5 clamps and brackets according to roof type. The distance from the roof surface to the back sheet of the module is approximately 4” or more, an ideal height for module cooling and performance.

Wire management is easier than you might think. In the words of our customers, “’s a piece of cake…”   

When using the seams or ribs of the roof as rails, the modules are installed in landscape using the manufacturer’s prescribed mounting zones, which must be aligned with mounting locations.

The weight of PVKIT mounting is about 15% of rail mounting. Think of the savings in freight and logistics, not to mention added load to the roof structure!

The S-5-PVKIT is a great option for mounting to a metal roof. Just use the rails that are already therethey are free!

What Products Does S-5! Offer for Rail-Based Solar Applications?

What Products Does S-5! Offer for Mounting Balance of System Components?

S-5! clamps, solar panel mounting brackets and the GripperFix universal utility mount are all great ways to mount complimentary ancillaries to the PV array such as walkways, cable trays, conduits, combiner boxes and MLPEs.


Why Choose S-5! Attachments for BOS Components?

Many other components typically accompany the PV modules to complete a solar array. S-5! provides a variety of options for mounting things like walkways, cable trays, combiner boxes, and MLPEs. S-5! clamps and brackets can be used alone or in conjunction with the GRIPPERFIX strut when a crossmember is required to align with mounting locations. Why use anything else to attach these components when you can rely on tested, trusted and engineered S-5! products. 

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