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Safely Direct Snow off Your Metal Roof With Snow Guards

Snow sliding off your roof can cause substantial damage to property, and even worse, potentially injure people below.


What Can You Do as a Building Owner to Help Reduce These Risks?

Use Engineered Metal Roof Snow Guards!

You may not be able to predict when a rooftop snow slide will occur, but you can help control how the snow melts off your roof. Snow retention systems increase the friction between the roof and the snow to retain it in place and allow it to evacuate in a controlled manner (thaw and sublimation). In addition, snow guards - also known as metal roof ice stops - help keep large amounts of ice from sliding off a metal roof all at once. 

Protect your home or building with a quality snow bar (snow guard) system.


When selecting a snow rail design, it is critical that the system is engineered to resist the forces, which will try to tear it from its mounting. This is done by prudent science, math and testing, not by guesswork. Snow guards must have proven in-service and real-world testing to back them up. S-5! offers an online Snow Guard Calculator that provides you with critical engineering proof and site-specific calculations all in real-time.

Try Our Snow Guard Calculator

At S-5!, We Take Snow Retention Seriously With Systematic Checkpoints at Each Stage From Design to Deployment.

S-5! snow retention systems/ice guards are engineered specifically for each job. Engineering is not possible without extensive testing and system design analysis. We stand behind our products, so you can trust standing under them. We refuse to market “guinea pig” systems, so all our testing takes place BEFORE products are offered to the marketplace.

To ensure the products tested are truly the products sold and shipped, traceability, transparency and certified manufacturing is essential. We use only certified material, certified testing and certified production in our very own manufacturing facility. This ensures the quality controls needed to assure the system will perform as advertised.

Our warranties, endorsements, track record and customer-service satisfaction validate our claims, giving you the confidence that S-5! does it “the right way!

Choose the Engineered Snow Guard Solution to Best Meet Your Needs.

Metal roof snow guard systems should be designed to individual site-specific criteria because every roof is different, and every project has different requirements. You can determine your project’s specific loads with S-5!’s Snow Guard Calculator, which is backed by rigorous testing to offer assurance those loads can be successfully resisted.

This offers both installers and building owners confidence that an adequately tested and engineered system is being installed – one that is the best application for the specified project.

Learn more about the snow guard systems we offer below.

Benefits of S-5! Snow Guard Systems

S-5! Snow guard metal roof

S-5! Warranties You Can Depend On

When it comes to warranties, the most important step you can take is to read the fine print. Sales claims are merely rhetoric without warranties to back them up! At S-5!, we offer the most comprehensive warranties in the business.

Our Limited Lifetime Materials and Manufacturer Warranty is offered on all S-5! products and is cost-free. For ColorGard, a Limited Lifetime System Performance Warranty is available as an extended warranty and even covers installation.

At the end of day, when your non-engineered system fails, will the warrantor still be in business?

Learn More

S-5! Snow guard metal roof
X-Gard snow stop S-5!

Online S-5! Snow Guard Calculator

We offer a user-friendly, online snow guard calculator to engineer a system for any site-specific roof. The calculator draws data from the roof manufacturer, including the specific roof profile and other product-specific information. It then selects the appropriate load test results from a catalog of more than 500 proven results to customize any given S-5! system to your specific roof.

  • An optional low-cost P.E. wet stamp is available on all systems for added assurance.
  • Compare various systems and determine which is most appropriate for your job with just a click of your mouse.

Engineer Your System

X-Gard snow stop S-5!
Colorgard snow guards boulder house

Zero Penetration to Standing Seam Roofs

S-5! clamps attach virtually anything to standing seam metal roof profiles with zero penetration.

Our innovative round-point setscrews offer a secure mechanical interlock while protecting the standing seam and its sacrificial coating, leaving roof warranties intact.

All clamps and snow retention systems are designed to outlast the roof using prudent designs, non-corrosive materials and metallurgy.

Truth About Setscrews

Colorgard snow guards boulder house
S-5! Manufacturing plant with solar mounting

State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Facility

Every aspect of the S-5! manufacturing process is stringently examined. We start with certified materials and processes. All products are manufactured in-house, allowing S-5! to fully control quality.

  • Regularly audited state-of-the-art ISO 9001 manufacturing plant
  • Zero-defect policy for parts leaving our facility with quality control procedures in place
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Learn More About Our Protocols

S-5! Manufacturing plant with solar mounting
S-5! testing strength clamps lab manufacturing

Rigorous Testing

At S-5!, we have performed more than 3,000 load tests on 500+ different roof profiles, materials and gauges. All of our testing is performed in a third-party, 17025 accredited laboratory.

We test negative load normal-to-seam (pull-up) and parallel-to-seam (along the seam or drag load).

We have 2,000 hours of salt-fog testing conducted on S-5! components according to ASTM B117-19, proving our components far outlive the life of the roof.

Exposed-fastener brackets and screws are tested for waterproofing via ASTM E2140.

Learn More About Our Testing

S-5! testing strength clamps lab manufacturing
S-5! - Guido Morandin Testimonial Image VersaBracket and ColorGard_high_res

S-5! Bracket Sealant Technology

Integrated sealant reservoirs in S-5! brackets prevent over-compressing of the seal and protect the sealant from UV degradation.

A water-tight, factory-applied, 60-year butyl polymer seal is used on S-5! brackets that attach to the decking or structure in the drainage plane of the roof.

EPDM factory seal is used on sheeting-only attached brackets that mount on roof ribs or corrugations out of the drainage plane.

Risky, field-applied sealants are NEVER used with S-5! products!

S-5! - Guido Morandin Testimonial Image VersaBracket and ColorGard_high_res
S-5 ColorGard Installation Demonstration

Ease of Installation

S-5! snow guard systems are designed with the installer in mind to help reduce the amount of time spent on the roof and to increase field efficiency. All of our systems can be retrofitted to existing roofs or incorporated into new roof design. You can also install all S-5! metal roof snow guard systems at any time of the year.

  • Our systems are maintenance-free.
  • Our snow retention system designs lend themselves to quick and easy-to-understand installations.
  • Installed correctly, systems will not restrict thermal cycling of the roof panels.
S-5 ColorGard Installation Demonstration

Considering Adding Snow Guards to Your Metal Roof?

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