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S-5-K Grip Snow™ Clamp

Use When Supplemental Rows of Snow Stops are Needed (Above Principal Row & at the Eave) for Attachment of ColorGard®.

S-5-K Grip Snow Brochure

Looking for Snow Guard Mounting to Klip-Rib® and Similar Metal Roofs?

The S-5-K Grip Snow (“K” stands for Klip-Rib®) has a mounting bolt hole to facilitate use of the S-5-VersaClip for the attachment of ColorGard systems. Two different inserts (sold separately) compensate for exact rib dimensions.

Use the K Grip Snow with ColorGard on roofs, such as AEP Span Klip-Rib®, and Klip-Rib® similar profiles: Lysaght® Klip-Lok 406, McElroy Mirage and Metal Sales Clip-Loc.

Unlike other S-5! clamps, the K Grip Snow uses side-bolts rather than setscrews for attachment. The flanged-head bolts also prevent over-compression of the seam and eliminates the need for calibrated tensioning.

K Grip Snow is available for use with S-5! ColorGard. The only difference from the S-5-K Grip is the location of the top bolt hole. It is intended to be used in conjunction with the S-5-KHD when more than one row is required. The KHD should be used at the eave and the K Grip Snow used for additional rows. (Contact [email protected] for design assistance).

Be sure to check out the many other features on the clamp overview page.

K Grip Snow metal roof clamp


Minor Box: $7.93 Qty: 20

Master Box: $7.66  Qty: 80

*Pricing above is per clamp in USD. Prices vary based on region and other factors. Pricing improves with order quantity. Broken boxes may be subject to handling charges. Call your Authorized S-5! Distributor for current pricing.

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K Grip Snow metal roof clamp

Inserts for the S-5-K Grip Snow:

Select the insert below that fits your specific roof profile. Each insert has a unique shape to allow for correct fit and provides increased holding strength over other attachment options. If your profile is not listed, please contact us to request a sample for testing.

S-5-GX 10

  • McElroy Metal Mirage
  • AEP Span Klip-Rib®
  • Metal Sales Clip-Loc
  • SpeedDeck® SpeedDeck®
  • Safintra Saflok 410
  • Safintra Saflok 700
  • Domico Dach®
  • And, other similar profiles

S-5-GX 50

  • LYSAGHT KLIP-LOK Classic® 700
  • LYSAGHT KLIP-LOK 700 Hi-Strength®
  • Stramit® Speed Deck Ultra®
  • Fielders KingKlip® 700
  • And, other similar profiles

The S-5-K Grip Snow Works Well for the Following Roofs:



S-5-K Grip Snow


Product Specifications:

  • Developed to fit Klip-Rib® and
    other concealed-fix, snap-together profiles
  • Used in conjunction with a S-5-KHD ColorGard assembly
  • Two side-bolts and one mounting bolt (included)

Is the S-5-K Grip Snow the Best Choice for Your Roof Profile?


How to Install the S-5-K Grip Snow Clamps on Your Roof Profile*

Place the clamp insert under the shoulder of the rib at the desired location. Position the clamp by rolling it over the rib and snap over the insert. Tighten the flanged bolts at the base of the clamp until they seat tightly to the clamp body. The bolts will engage the divots in the K Grip Snow insert.

A mounting bolt is provided with the K Grip Snow.

*See more detailed installation instructions in the PDF download below.

*S-5! clamps may be moved in the event of initial misplacement. However, due to the ensuing oxidation process which acts as a natural thread lock, we can express no opinion to the performance of a clamp once it has been removed and reinstalled or the ability to remove the clamp after this process has occurred.

S-5-K Grip Snow Installation Instructions


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