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Solar Racking and Rail Mounting Solutions for Metal Roofing

Secure Your Rail-Mounted Solar Arrays with Engineered, Load-Tested Clamps and Brackets


Rail-Based Solar PV Mounting

Mounting solar PV on metal roofing helps create a long-term, sustainable and renewable energy source. With a PV module service life exceeding 30 years, it is crucial to choose mounting components that provide durability and dependability for the life of the solar array.

S-5! metal roof attachments are specifically designed to provide you with this longevity. We stand behind our engineered solutions with a lifetime warranty. You can count on our products to never compromise the weather integrity or durability of your solar metal roof system.

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Trusted by Solar PV Rail Manufacturers

S-5! clamps meet the stringent requirements for solar installations on metal roofs and remain the choice for many popular rack and rail solar PV systems. S-5! is proud to collaborate with the following rail and short-rail product manufacturers.      


S-5! solar attachment solutions are integrated into Unirac project design tools and technical certifications.



 S-5! brackets and SnapNrack All Purpose L Foot come together for a solid, preassembled solution.



 S-5! solar attachment solutions are specified in Aercompact's design tool and preassembled kits are available.


Choose the Best S-5! Metal Roof Attachment for Your Solar Application

Securely attach your railed PV system to exposed-fastened or standing seam metal roofs with an engineered and load-tested metal roof clamp or bracket. Explore our solutions below.


S-5! Clamps

Attach a variety of rooftop accessories with zero penetration to your standing seam metal roof.

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S-5! Brackets

Mount rooftop accessories to your exposed-fastened metal roof with a non-corrosive bracket.

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solar panels on trapezoidal metal roof

Learn More about Rail-Less PV Mounting 

The S-5! PVKIT can be used to mount solar PV without traditional rails to standing seam and exposed-fastened metal roof profiles. 

Wondering if you should go rail or rail-less?

Download our checklist to use on your next metal roof project.

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solar panels on trapezoidal metal roof
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