Do You Need to Attach Pipes or Conduit to Your Metal Roof?

Eliminate corrosive wood and rubber blocking. For gas piping, electrical conduit and condensate lines, S-5! is the solution.

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Securely Mount Piping and Conduit and Preserve Roof Warranties

Pipes and conduit are common features on rooftops to fuel rooftop equipment. Conduit is often a part of solar arrays for wire management. Use S-5! clamps, brackets and the GRIPPERFIX® system to secure them to your metal rooftop.

Typically, wood blocking is used to shim piping above panel seams. The long-term effects of wood blocking on a coated steel roof will void the roof’s warranty. The same is true of rubber pads and blocking, as they lead to capillary entrapment and corrosion. Another issue that arises is securing the piping to prevent it from migrating on the roof. Sometimes holes are made in the panels or external sealants are applied in a futile attempt to avoid shifting and prevent leakage. These damaging and temporary “fixes” all fail over time.

With S-5! mounting hardware, you can securely attach gas piping, electrical conduit, condensate lines and other utilities without worrying about migration, damage to the panels, or corrosion. S-5! solutions avoid these pitfalls and do not cause impediments to roof drainage or warranties.

S-5! Manufacturing Facility Iowa Park Texas

Virtually Maintenance-Free Products Backed by an Industry-Leading Lifetime Warranty

S-5! offers the best warranties in the industry. This is not a salesy embellishment to lure customers or fancy lawyer language that takes back everything we promised.

This warranty means we stand behind our products for the life of the roof. S-5! products do not violate the roof warranty, and they are approved and recommended by almost all metal roof manufacturers.

Designed to last the life of the roof, S-5! products are a virtually maintenance-free, metal roofing attachment solution.

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S-5! Manufacturing Facility Iowa Park Texas