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No L-Foot Required With This Side-Mount PV Rail Bracket for Trapezoidal, Face-Attached Metal Roofs.

VersaGard Brochure

VersaGard is a metal roof bracket used for both PV installation and snow retention on exposed-fastened metal roofs. For snow applications, see VersaGard™ snow guard system.

Mounting Solar PV With VersaGard

VersaGard functions as an L-Foot and mounting base in one component for PV rail mounting. The bracket is specifically designed with a factory-applied, butyl sealant offering a long-term service life, free from UV degradation, drying and cracking. No unreliable, field-applied caulking is needed.

Used with side-bolted rail systems, VersaGard can be installed either parallel or perpendicular to slope for portrait or landscape module orientation.

The diagonal slot design of the bracket makes 1.75” (45 mm) of height adjustability a snap. Bolts and nuts are offered separately with common bolt sizes.

Wire management holes are also provided. The circular holes in the vertical part of the bracket support up to 1” (25 mm) conduit.

If you want to use the rail manufacturer’s L-Foot instead, see S-5! SolarFoot.

versagard metal roof bracket


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versagard metal roof bracket

VersaGard Works for the Following Roofs:


Exposed-Fastened Trapezoidal

versagard metal roof bracket solar and snow

Product Specifications

  • Use in lieu of an L-Foot
  • Use with any side-mount rail system
  • Install either parallel or perpendicular to slope
  • Diagonal “slot” provides 1-¾” (45 mm) of height adjustability via the use of 3/8″ (9.5 mm), M8 or M10 bolts
  • Integral reservoir prevents over- compression and preserves butyl seal by preventing UV exposure
  • Up to six points of attachment
  • Must attach to deck or structure (i.e., wood decking, wood or steel purlins, or trusses)
  • Select the appropriate S-5! fastener (sold separately) for steel or wood attachments

Be sure to check out the many other benefits on the bracket overview page.

versagard metal roof bracket solar and snow

Is VersaGard the Best Choice for Your Roof Profile?

VersaGard sits in the valley and attaches into the decking or structure. Use to attach side mount rails to trapezoidal, exposed-fastener metal roofing in lieu of an L-Foot.

H-Power Solar Building Kapolei, HI-9 VersaGard

How to Install VersaGard on Your Roof Profile*

VersaGard is mounted in the flat of the panel, directly into the supporting structure of the roof (i.e., wood decking, wood or steel purlins or trusses).

No surface preparation is necessary. Simply wipe away excess oil and debris; peel the release paper from the base, align and apply. Secure through the pre-punched holes using the appropriate screws for the supporting structure. Always use S-5! tested fasteners to achieve published holding strength (sold separately).

*See more detailed installation instructions in the PDF download below.

VersaGard Installation Instructions

H-Power Solar Building Kapolei, HI-9 VersaGard

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