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S-5-ZF™ Mini Clamp

Make Nut-and-Bolt Connections Easier for Bottom-Bolted Solar Rail on Bulb-Shaped Metal Roof Profiles.

S-5-ZF Mini Brochure

Why Choose the S-5-ZF Mini Clamp?

A nut and bolt are often the required connection for certain utilities or bottom-bolted PV rails (Schletter, K-2, Everest) to a standing seam clamp. Choose the S-5-ZF Mini (“F” for “Flange”) for an economical, non-penetrating standing seam metal roof (SSMR) clamp for most “bulb” seam configurations such as ZipRib, BEMO and KalZip.

The slotted hole in the flange allows minor adjustment, making the ZF Mini ideal for walkways, module-level power electronics and a myriad of other utility mountings.

Stainless steel lock-nuts and several bolt sizes are sold separately.

The ZF Mini has a single setscrew for medium or light-duty applications, such as solar or satellite dish mounting.

Please refer to the load testing of the S-5-Z Mini for holding capacities of this clamp on different materials and seam specifics.

Choose the ZF Mini to mount a variety of utilities with a round “bulb” seam configuration and seam diameters ≤ 7/8” (22 mm).

Be sure to check out the many other features on the clamp overview page.

ZF metal roof clamp mini


Minor Box: $5.75 Qty: 50

Master Box: $5.56 Qty: 150

*Pricing above is per clamp in USD. Prices vary based on region and other factors. Pricing improves with order quantity. Broken boxes may be subject to handling charges. Call your Authorized S-5! Distributor for current pricing.

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ZF metal roof clamp mini

The S-5-ZF Mini Works for the Following Roofs:


Bulb-Type Standing Seam

ZF metal roof clamp mini

Product Specifications:

  • Slotted hole in flange provides adjustment for versatile utility mounting (bolt diameter up to 10 mm (⅜”)
  • Specifically designed to fit “bulb-shaped” seam profiles
  • Unique flange design increases ease and versatility of attachment to bottom-mount rails and other nut-and-bolt connections
  • Light and medium-duty applications, such as utility mounting and bottom-mount PV rails
  • One T-30 Torx round-point setscrew (Torx bit tip provided)
  • Ideal for bottom-mounted solar PV rails
ZF metal roof clamp mini

Is the S-5-ZF Mini the Best Choice for Your Application?

Installation of solar panels

How to Install the S-5-ZF Mini Clamp on Your Roof Profile*

Using the ergonomic finger grip “tail” of the insert, position the insert at the desired location against the base of the seam and just below the bulbous portion (either side of the seam). Rotate the clamp into place over both the seam and insert. Hold this assembly in place with one finger, while tightening the roundpoint Torx Drive (T30) setscrew to the specified tension. The slotted thru-hole in the flange accommodates bolt diameters of up to ⅜” (10 mm).

*See more detailed installation instructions in the PDF download below.

*S-5! clamps may be moved in the event of initial misplacement. However, due to the ensuing oxidation process which acts as a natural thread lock, we can express no opinion to the performance of a clamp once it has been removed and reinstalled or the ability to remove the clamp after this process has occurred.

S-5-ZF Mini Installation Instructions

Installation of solar panels

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