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June 23rd, 2021 at 1:00pm EDT

Solar in High Wind & Snow Country: Design Considerations


S-5!’s Vice President of Research & Development, Dustin Haddock

Course Description:

There are special considerations when it comes to solar PV mounting in challenging environments. These environments include those geographies subject to snowfall or high winds (or combinations of those elements). Most PV mounting failures occur in both of those environments. In either case, there is a good degree of scientific design consideration. There are also codes and test methods that guide design, addressing adequacy and prudence to ensure the finished installation will survive these forces of nature relating to rooftops.

In this webinar, you’ll learn what you need to know for mounting solar on metal roofs in high wind areas and in snow country, including best practice information and the variety of resources available to you.

Learning Objectives:

– Understand the effects of wind on solar design
– Understand the load reductions permissible by ASCE 7-16
– Gain comprehension of how design snow loads affect solar design
– Know how to compute drag loads
– Gain comprehension of the basics of aerodynamic shade and drift loads
– Use the learned criteria to choose an appropriate mounting system