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July 28th, 2022 at 1:00pm EDT

Installing Optimizers and other MLPEs with Solar on Metal Roofs


S-5!’s Director of Solar Business, Mark Gies

S-5’s Vice President of Research & Development, Dustin Haddock


Optimizers and other Module Level Power Electronics are becoming more and more commonplace on solar installations.  For residential and small-scale commercial projects, you are as likely to see some type of MLPE being installed. Optimizers specifically, increase the efficiency and amount of energy output from individual solar modules, by monitoring and conditioning the power from each module. But an optimizer is an additional component to a PV system, so there are logistics, installation, and economic factors that must be carefully reviewed and planned around to successfully integrate optimizers into a solar installation. Installation methods are one big factor, but since new methods are being developed, newly trained personnel have to hit the “roof” running.

S-5!’s virtual event is an open discussion by S-5! solar experts on the topic of MLPEs, specifically optimizers. The discussion will range from optimizer functionality, their pros and cons, and some practical insight and advice on how to install them on a metal roof solar project.

Takeaways from this virtual event:

  • What optimizers do and what the advantages and disadvantages of optimizers
  • Details and best practices for installing optimizers on metal roofs
  • Differences and impact of choosing 2-for-1 optimizers