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October 28th, 2021 at 1:00pm EDT

Insights With Industry Experts: Installing the RibBracket III With the PVKIT® 2.0

Training Description:

Will adding more holes on a trapezoidal exposed-fastened roof result in leakage? How complicated are solar installs on these types of roofs? Join us as explore these questions and more during a product install demonstration.

We will watch and break down a project install of the S-5! RibBracket™ III with the PVKIT® 2.0 (for rail-less solar mounting) on an exposed-fastened metal roof. We will discuss the entire installation process from the how-to through best practices. Considerations include pre-project planning such as pre-assembly of the PVKIT onto the RibBracket; proper installation of the bracket and prevention of leaks and water migration; and tips for making sure the array is square. We’ll also cover some basics on handling wire management and installing (MLPE) module-level power electronics.

Insights With Industry Experts Training Objectives:

  • Gain insight on how to plan smart for your next solar installation.
  • Learn how to install the RibBracket III and avoid leaks on trapezoidal exposed-fastened roofs.
  • Learn how to install the PVKIT with the RibBracket III.
  • Learn tips for how to make your PV array square during the installation process.


Shawn Haddock, S-5!’s Field Applications Specialist

David Stahler, S-5!’s Director of Distributor Relations