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TD Bracket™

Mount HVAC, Solar PV and More Onto Common Australian Through-Fastened, Trapezoidal-Rib Roof Profiles.

TD Bracket Brochure

Fasteners RibBracket Exposed Fastened Metal Roofing

Perfect for Fixing HVAC, Solar PV and More Onto Through-Fastened, Trapezoidal-Rib Roof Profiles

The TD Bracket can be used to fix almost anything onto one of the most common through-fix, trapezoidal roof profiles marketed in Australia today - the LYSAGHT TRIMDEK®.

Mount HVAC, walkways, railed PV systems and more to your metal roof. You can also pair this metal roof bracket with the PVKIT® for rail-less (direct-attach™) solar PV mounting. 

With the TD Bracket, there are no messy sealants to apply. The factory-applied, EPDM rubber gasket weatherproofs and makes installation easy. The reservoir conceals EPDM from UV exposure, preventing drying and cracking.

Choose TDBracket to Help Simplify Alignment and Maximize Adjustability

The TD Bracket features a slotted top hole, which accommodates standard M8 nuts and bolts, simplifies alignment, and maximizes adjustability in attaching ancillaries.

A structural aluminum attachment bracket, TD Bracket mounts directly onto the crown of the trapezoidal
sheet using 1/4” (approx 6 mm) piercing screws (preferred) or stainless steel rivets (not provided). The sheeting-only attachment allows the bracket to be mounted anywhere along the rib.

TD Bracket has been rigorously tested for load-to-failure results in sheeting-only. All pre-punched holes must be used to achieve tested strength.

Be sure to check out the many other features on the bracket overview page.

TD Bracket Works for the Following Roofs:


Exposed-Fastened Trapezoidal

Product Specifications:

  • Use on common Australian exposed-fastened, trapezoidal-rib roof profiles
  • Slotted top hole accommodates standard M8 nuts and bolts
  • Stainless-capped, self-piercing screws specifically designed to maximize holding strength and prevent swarf; EPDM sealing washer
  • Sheeting-only attachment can be placed anywhere along roof ribs
  • 4 self-piercing screws and 1 M8 hex flange  nut included

Is the TD Bracket the Best Choice for Your Roof Profile?

TD Bracket fastens onto the crown of the panel, straddling the profile & accommodates rib profiles with top width dimension of 1.28” (32mm).

How to Install TD Bracket on Your Roof Profile*

No surface preparation is necessary. Simply wipe away excess oil and debris, align and apply. The TD Bracket is mounted directly onto the crown of the panel, straddling the profile.

Secure through the pre-punched holes using the S-5! piercing screws supplied or stainless steel

*See more detailed installation instructions in the PDF download below.

TD Bracket Installation Instructions

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