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S-5-RC Clamp

A Versatile Clamp Uniquely Suited to the Riverclack® Profile

S-5-RC Clamp Brochure

S-5-RC™ clamp fits Riverclack® profiles pairs with the PVKIT® for rail-less solar mounting.

The S-5-RC (“R” stands for Riverclack) is a non-penetrating, standing seam metal roof (SSMR) clamp.

Specifically tailored to fit the geometry of the Riverclack metal roof, the S-5-RC attaches a wide range of rooftop accessories including solar arrays—penetration-free. The durable clamp is made of high-quality structural aluminum to match Riverclack’s long-lasting performance.

The two-piece design of the S-5-RC interfaces with the rib geometry protecting the roof from corrosion and preserving the metal panels’ thermal cycling characteristics.

Ideal for both small- and large-scale industrial, commercial and institutional projects, you can install the S-5-RC anywhere along the seam for placement flexibility. The clamp creates a mechanical interlock strong enough to mount most rooftop applications, with certified holding strength.

All standard clamps undergo rigorous load testing. Clamp-to-seam tensile testing pulled normal to the the panels is performed on all standard clamps.

Be sure to check out the many other features on the clamp overview page.

Choose the S-5-RC to mount the S-5! PVKIT for a streamlined rail-less solar system, or attach walkways, satellite dishes, antennas, rooftop lighting and lightning protection.

Combine the clamp with the S-5! GRipperFix® utility mounting system to attach mechanical equipment or with the CanDuit™ clamp to secure conduit or condensate lines.


Minor Box:

$7.33 Qty: 50 

Master Box:

$7.09 Qty: 150 

*Pricing above is per clamp in USD. Prices vary based on region and other factors. Pricing improves with order quantity. Broken boxes may be subject to handling charges. Call your Authorized S-5! Distributor for current pricing.

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The S-5-RC is the Best Solution for the Following Roofs:


Riverclack Standing Seam

Product Specifications:

  • Zero-penetration attachment
  • Fits Riverclack profiles, with unmatched holding strength
  • Quick, easy installation
  • Secure and warranted long-lasting quality
  • Attaches a wide range of rooftop ancillaries
  • Pairs easily with PVKIT for rail-less solar mounting
  • Backed by S-5! design, service and brand integrity

Does the S-5-RC Fit Your Roof Profile?

How to Install the S-5-RC Clamp on Your Roof Profile*

Insert the toe of one side of the clamp into the channel adjacent to the seam. Rotate the clamp part toward the seam to create an interlock between the toe and the panel. Repeat this step with the other half of the clamp. Insert the M8 bolt and tighten until mating surfaces are in full contact. The RC clamps are now ready to install various rooftop ancillaries.

*See more detailed installation instructions in the PDF below.

*S-5! clamps may be moved in the event of initial misplacement. However, due to the ensuing oxidation process which acts as a natural thread lock, we can express no opinion to the performance of a clamp once it has been removed and reinstalled or the ability to remove the clamp after this process has occurred.

S-5-RC Installation Instructions

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