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Building a Trusted Partnership

As a distributor, you have an important job to provide your customer with the most cost-effective solutions available that will perform as intended for the life of the roof. Our job is to help you make the most informed decisions possible to do exactly that. Rest assured that partnering with S-5! is The Right Way® to best serve your customers!

We also know that constant and consistent innovation in the field of metal roofing is crucial to remaining as the trusted source for engineered mounting solutions. Our Research and Development team is continually working on product improvement. We provide you with the highest quality products and highest level of customer service. Distributors entrust their reputations to S-5! products because we have worked so hard for so long to uphold our own.

How Does S-5! Serve Distributors?

S-5! fosters our relationships with each and every one of our distributors. We are not a “sign-and-done” organization. Through product education, marketing support, technical training and sales training, we help you build your S-5! knowledge base so you can provide your customers with informed decisions for every step of their projects. 

We offer distributors dependability. You know our name...our brand...and...our reputation because we have been serving this market since 1992. The founder is a former contractor and renowned metal consultant, educator and technical author of all things metal roofing. We’re NOT a “jack-of-all-trades and master-of-none” company. Metal roofing components are not some kind of “bolt-on” offering for us. Metal roofing attachments are our only business! Our products are designed, tested and engineered for site-specifics and installer-friendliness.


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S-5! Metal Roof Bracket Testing

Engineering Assistance and Tools to Ease Installation

Through our website, we offer distributors easy-to-access, dependable and reliable test data and engineering tools for every one of our products. The test data, tabulated into a load table, is also embedded in our web-based design tools. 

Use these online tools and resources to help your customers plan and build their projects right from the start. We also offer an extensive Product Support Knowledge Base, providing answers to technical questions on solar, code compliance, snow guards and other specific applications and products. Reach out to our Technical Support team for additional questions.

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S-5! Metal Roof Bracket Testing
S-5! Manufacturing Plant Iowa Park Texas

Our Products Are Virtually Maintenance-Free and Backed by Industry-Leading Lifetime Warranties

As a distributor, you place your reputation on the line with the products you sell. S-5! offers the best warranties in the industry. This is not a salesy embellishment to lure customers or fancy lawyer language that takes back everything we promised. 

Two comprehensive warranties offered: 

  • Limited Lifetime Materials and Manufacturer Warranty 
  • Limited Lifetime Performance Warranty on snow guard systems (available at additional cost) (link to ColorGard page

These warranties mean we stand behind our products for the life of the roof. S-5! products do not violate roof warranties, and they are approved and recommended by almost all metal roof manufacturers.

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S-5! Manufacturing Plant Iowa Park Texas

Price-Competitive. Product When Your Customers Need it!

When you partner with S-5!, you can always count on us having your product ready when your customers need it. 

Our small and compact products are shipped in distributor-friendly packaging easy to handle and re-ship. This is an excellent space-to-value ratio.

Price Did you know the very best actually costs less? Due to our high volume production, fully-automated manufacturing and economies of scale, our innovative clamps and brackets actually reduce manufacturing costs. We pass these cost reductions on to our distributors, so you can offer competitive prices to your customers!

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S5 Clamps standing seam metal roof solar PV

Trusted Business Partner Who Knows Communication Is Critical

We pride ourselves on a quick response time to your questions. Whether you reach out to our Technical Support team or individually to specific members of our staff, we want you to have the answers you need in a timely fashion. 

This means our team members make themselves available when you or one of your customers needs an answer for a pressing project question. 

Our official announcements regarding new products, changes, pricing, etc., are provided to distributors so you stay informed and ahead of the game allowing you time to prepare within your own organization.

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S5 Clamps standing seam metal roof solar PV

COMING SOON! Marketing Support Along With Sales and Technical Training

Through our dedicated distributor portal, you have access to the most up-to-date images, technical drawings, product literature, installation instructions, trademark usage, S-5! brand guidelines and more. Our marketing team is available to assist and ensure your product information is current to safeguard your role as an extension of our brand.

As a new distributor, you are provided in-depth training to familiarize your organization with S-5!’s product offerings and also strategies to be successful with them. We offer ongoing training and support through FAQs, videos, webinars and access to our support team.


What Can You Do With S-5!?

S-5! clamps and brackets can be used to mount a variety of utilities to standing seam and exposed-fastened metal roofs. From HVAC units to snow guards, to solar modules and virtually everything in between, choose S-5! metal roof attachments for a secure and dependable solution.

Our Continuing Education Classes

At S-5!, we offer an assortment of training in the field of metal roofing. Our collection of how-to videos, FAQs and extensive Knowledge Base provide the answers you need to educate your staff. You can also reach out to our Technical Support Team with additional questions. 

Our NABCEP-approved solar courses provide Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to those wishing to enhance their credentials. 

S-5! University offers webinars that cover installation, best practices, product demonstrations and more on solar PV, snow guards, utility mounting, etc., on both standing seam and exposed-fastened metal roofing. 

Visit the S-5! Training Center to explore all of our learning opportunities available.