S-5! ColorGard System Limited Lifetime Warranty

The only snow retention system good enough to be warranted for the life of the roof.

Why do we offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty?

Virtually every snow retention company boasts about product superiority. It is increasingly difficult to distinguish fact from confusing sales hype and empty claims. But only ColorGard from S-5! offers a structural performance warranty for the life of the roof. That’s not an empty claim, puffy boast or wishy-washy sales rhetoric—it’s total, written assurance of system performance that no other manufacturer can match.

For over two decades, the ColorGard system has delivered proven performance in extensive independent laboratory testing and installations around the world. Using S-5! clamping technology and 100% non-corrosive metals (never plastic), ColorGard systems are custom-engineered to meet the specific needs of each project.

Don’t let the rhetoric of competitors deceive you. At S-5! we put our money where our mouth is by introducing this industry-first: We offer a lifetime warranty because we know that only the ColorGard system measures up to the task—not just for a few years, but for the life of the roof!

The ColorGard System Limited Lifetime Warranty Provides:

  • The S-5! clamps will not pull off the seam, break or otherwise cause the system to release
  • The ColorGard crossmember and its anchorage will not buckle, break or otherwise fail under load
  • The ColorGard System will not corrode or cause corrosion of the roof
  • The ColorGard Snow Retention System will not damage the roof
  • The ColorGard System will color-match the roof for the life of the roof

The ColorGard System will perform for the life of the roof! All warranted projects are subject to inspection and review by the manufacturer, and the warranty does not cover circumstances over which we have no control, such as deficiency of the building structure or components that have been abused.

To learn how to obtain your ColorGard System Limited Lifetime Warranty, and for complete Terms and Conditions of the program, see below.

Get the help you need to design your own ColorGard system by using our Web-based calculator.

How to Obtain Your ColorGard System Warranty:

Step 1: Calculate and print your system requirements using the S-5! ColorGard calculator. You are responsible for the accuracy of the input fields of the calculator.

Step 2: Fill the S-5!; ColorGard Warranty Online Application Form. The Application Form must be completed by the contractor that purchased and installed the ColorGard Snow Retention System.

Comply with all requirements and instructions on the Form and send it, along with all the related documents and the warranty application/inspection fee, to:

ColorGard Warranty
2730 Black Forest Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80908

Step 3: Download the Inspection Criteria Form. These tips will help ensure you pass the inspection.

Step 4: Once a satisfactory Field Inspection Report is provided by a designated representative of the manufacturer, you will receive your ColorGard Limited Lifetime Warranty by mail. Download a sample.