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Private University Compliments Sleek Design With Solar and S-5! Products

Project at a Glance

The project features an impressive 170 Kw/h photovoltaic (PV) array on a Merchant & Evans ZIP-RIB architectural/ structural standing seam metal roof. The UCA is the first university in Argentina to install solar PV to comply with Law No. 27,191, which establishes the use of at least 7% of its electricity consumption via renewable energy sources for buildings housing dense populations.

What Worked?

Aesthetically, the solar array is low-profile and aligns flush with the new metal roof due to S-5!’s direct-attach™ method. The PVKIT solar attachments are securely mounted directly onto the seams of the roof, eliminating the need for a traditional rail system. By eliminating rails, the result is an aestheticallypleasing, zero-penetration system that preserves the roof structure and does not void roof warranties. The array even provides autonomous lighting at outdoor meeting points in the event of a power outage.

By adopting solar technology, the UCA was able to supplement 7% of the building’s power demand and produce energy to feed into its electrical system, resulting in a more energy-efficient building that’s now compliant with the law.

Long-Term Outlook

By adding solar PV, the university was able to supplement 7% of its post-graduate school’s electricity consumption – as required by law – enabling the UCA to positively impact the environment and pioneer the way for other academic institutions. The PVKIT and S-5-Z Mini provided an aesthetically-pleasing, cost-effective PV mounting solution―saving the customer time and money on installation and materials.

S-5! Products Used

Using the PVKIT can save you up to 50% in:

  • Hardgoods - For example, a 50kW system requires about 150 lbs. (68kg) of parts vs. 970 lbs. (440kg) of rail.
  • Shipping - 80% lighter weight than rail mounting. Fewer than 3.5 lbs./kW (1.6kg) vs. 19.4 lbs. (8.6kg/kW) for rails.
  • Material transportation to the site - The 50 kW system delivers to the jobsite in the trunk of your car.
  • Lifting equipment not needed -  Equipment is only necessary for projects more than 500kW.
  • Installation time and cost - Locate modules as desired without customizing rails. Installation time is 30-50% less.
  • Aesthetically pleasing - Assembly is available in black architectural anodizing.

The S-5-Z Mini:

The S-5-Z (“Z” stands for Zip-Rib) is specially designed for round “bulb” seam configurations. Mount snow guards and other heavy-duty applications to “bulb” seam configurations, such as Zip-Rib®BEMOKalzip® and other similar profiles. Easily install the two-piece clamp anywhere along the length of the rib.

The Z Mini clamp is a more economical solution for lighter-duty attachments where Herculean holding strength is not required.

Learn more about the product featured in this case study.

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