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90,000 Clamps Secure Solar Array

Project at a Glance

"We chose S-5! because it is the only product on the market that could be used to secure our custom PV mounting solution to a Butler Seam roof. They are easy to install, helping us reduce installation time."

-Michael Kornahrens, President, AGT

The Situation & Results

In an effort to reduce electricity costs and carbon emissions, Toys“R”Us, together with Constellation Energy Group, chose Advanced Green Technologies (AGT) to install a solar photovoltaic (PV) system on their distribution center in Flanders, NJ. Prior to the installation of the system, the distribution center used an average of 8 million kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity and produced an annual carbon emission of 4,000 metric tons, resulting in more than $500,000 per year in energy costs. AGT turned to S-5! because they were unwilling to compromise the pre-existing roof warranty.

Toys R' Us solar PV S-5!

What Worked?

Through the use of 90,000 S-5-E Mini clamps, AGT was able to install 37,144 rigid thin-film PV modules while maintaining the roof’s integrity and preserving the roof manufacturer’s warranty. The completed solar array covers more than 70% of the 1 million sq. ft. standing seam roof, thus making it at completion the largest single rooftop installation in North America. What’s more, the ease-of-use of the S-5-E Mini clamps helped to streamline the installation process, saving time and labor costs.

Toys R' Us solar PV S-5!

Long Term Outlook

The completed PV array will provide 72% of the electricity needed to run the distribution center. This equates to an average savings of $366,000 in energy costs per year ($7 million over 20 years). In addition, the distribution center has reduced carbon emissions by more than 4,000 metric tons per year (80,000 metric tons over 20 years). The array has also qualified Toys “R” Us to receive 7,500 Green-e® certified renewable energy certificates (RECs) over 3 years.

S-5! Products Used

The pre-assembled PVKIT® used in rail-less solar PV mounting can save you in logistics and installation time. It is compatible with all S-5! clamps and most brackets. It fits all 30-46 mm module frames and offers multiple slots for wire management.

The S-5-E (“E” is for European) standing seam metal roof clamp is designed for double-folded seams popular in Europe and the world over, the E also fits Butler’s MR-24®.

Learn more about the products featured in this case study.

PVKIT S-5-E Mini Clamp
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