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ColorGard® Install Smooth and Easy for Father and Son Team

Project at a Glance

“For anyone looking to install snow retention, ColorGard is really easy to install, lightweight and easy to handle. The overall customer service and tools that S-5! provided and gave us as two individuals to do it ourselves was really a big win for us.” 

― Nik Pavlich, Field Operations Manager, Pavlich Construction 

The Situation & Results

The owner wanted a penetration-free, aesthetically pleasing snow retention solution for his new copper metallic-finish standing seam metal roof that would both match the roof and last the life of the roof. 

ColorGard® was custom-designed and engineered for this project using the S-5! Snow Calculator to mitigate potential rooftop avalanches, dramatically reducing the risk of sudden and unexpected release of snow slides, which could pose a serious threat to pedestrians and property below. 

What Worked?

Pavlich is also the owner of Pavlich Construction. He got to know S-5! and its owner, Rob Haddock after reading a feature article in one of the metal construction industry trade magazines. He called Rob to discuss his project. 

“Rob helped guide us through the online S-5! Snow Calculator and spoke to how easy and efficient this process could be,” said Pavlich. “The calculator gave us a great idea of what we needed and made the job easy. I sent Rob the results to review, and he let me know we were good to go. That’s how hands-on and helpful he was. We utilized the data straight from the website. It was a very simple process.” Pavlich and his son, Nik installed the entire ColorGard solution in 8 to 10 hours.  

 The building itself is complicated. The eave height is 28 feet and the gabled span is 55 feet, which created a challenge regarding access to the various pitches on this slick metal roof. The main roof has six hips on it—all different. In order for the eave heights to all be consistent, the contractor had to play with the pitch and the angles of all of the ridges, which form the hips. Once that was correct and the panels were installed as designed, it made the job of installing the S-5! ColorGard straightforward. 

Long Term Outlook

The owner was able to achieve the quality look he wanted with a snow retention system that maintains the roof integrity, mitigates potential rooftop avalanches and complements the look of the roof, with a clean appearance and perfect color and finish-matching – all designed to last the life of the roof and warranted to do so. 

“S-5! is the original, best-manufactured product and by far, provides the best customer service. There was a competitor who had an ad in the same magazine. I sent them all of the information (the roof, the panels, the seams, the pitch), and they never got back to me. Having the owner of the company call me back and talk to me on the phone went a long way in our decision to choose the product. Now that I am more familiar with the S-5! family of products, it is definitely going to be specified in all future new build projects. Whether it is a standing seam roof or an exposed-fastened roof, it is the only way to go. The installation was easy, very easy.” 

―Sean Pavlich, Pavlich Construction and Owner of The Farm Running Creek  

S-5! Products Used

ColorGard® snow guards feature finish-matching that lasts the life of the roof because it is the same material as the roof. Easily install any time of the year; or retrofit the ColorGard system to an existing roof or incorporate it in the new roof design.

The S-5-V (“V” stands for vertical) is a cost-effective solution for most machine-folded seams in vertical orientation and within certain dimensions. It is non-penetrating and one of our most popular standing seam metal roof clamps.

Learn More about ColorGard S-5-V Clamp
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