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Energy Intensive Home Implements Solar Thanks to S-5! Products

Project at a Glance

“We were naturally drawn to the quality of S-5! products and the fact that there are no known warranty claims or failures on any of the products they have ever produced. We would absolutely recommend S-5! Their rail-less solution is super compact and easy to transport, great quality, super-fast and user-friendly. Once you try it, you will never go back. You’ll find that you will get your modules up on the roof way faster than you’re used to. And we love the story of a family-owned company who built the business together. S-5! has always been fantastic at looking after us Kiwis down at the bottom of the world.”

—James Hanff, Grid Connected Project Manager, Taspac Energy Ltd.

The Situation & Results

Just north of Auckland, on the outskirts of town, is a natural forested area and a local working farm. Located on the farm is a newly developed gated community with approximately 20 architecturally designed modern homes.

The homeowner chose a standing seam metal roof because of the design appeal and the flat uniform shape of the roof. It was important to him to have a low-profile, sleek, all black solar solution that would not penetrate the roof or void any roof warranty.

Additionally, the property features an outdoor swimming pool, a spa bathroom and an EV charging station on site, which is integrated into the whole solar PV system. The goal was for the solar system to supplement as much power as possible since the property consumes 35,000 KWH per year.

Challenges Faced Along The Way

The homeowner wished to supplement his energy intensive residence with solar power and required a mounting solution that is warranted for the life of the solar system, has an aesthetic appeal and would not damage his roof.

He chose the low-profile S-5! PVKIT solar PV mounting solution, providing a simple, economical and penetration-free method for direct-attachment of modules to the roof. The new system has reduced his dependence on electricity by about half.

What Worked?

The homeowner chose the PVKIT rail-less solar mounting solution (in black) combined with the S-5-R-465 Mini nonpenetrating, standing seam clamp to complement the aesthetic look of the roof so the whole system would look slick and black.

The S-5! system provides a simple, secure method to “lay & play” PV modules with tested, engineered, cost-saving, direct-attachment onto the seams of the metal roof. Also, using the S-5! clamps meant the homeowner could maintain warranties due to the non-invasive, penetration-free attachment.

The homeowner also selected the S-5! PVKONCEAL module skirt to conceal the lower edge of the modules and all mechanical and electrical components underneath. PVKONCEAL creates an attractive, clean finished look while keeping out critters, debris and other unwanted objects from under the solar array.


Long-Term Outlook

The homeowner was able to reduce his dependency on electricity and supplement the property’s power generation by 45%. The PVKIT system eliminated the need for a traditional rail system and provided an aesthetically-pleasing, cost-effective PV mounting solution—saving the customer time and money on installation and materials.

S-5! Products Used

The pre assembled PVKIT® used in rail-less solar PV mounting can save you in logistics and installation time. It is compatible with all S-5! clamps and most brackets. It fits all 30-46 mm module frames and offers multiple slots for wire management.

The S-5-R465 (“R” stands for Rib-Roof) is a non-penetrating, standing seam metal roof (SSMR) clamp.

The R465 is specially designed for the Zambelli RIB-ROOF 465, McElroy Metal’s Mirage II, Rib Roof Metal Systems’ Rib Roof, DimonDek® 400, Steel & Tube Paneldek 400 and similar roof profiles. This clamp utilizes two pairs of opposing setscrews to engage the seam material. 

The R465 Mini clamp is a more economical solution for lighter-duty attachments where Herculean holding strength is not required.

Pre-finished black with high-quality PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride – the same premium paint finish used to coat metal roofs), use PVKONCEAL to match black module frames. The module skirt is made of corrosion-resistant aluminum to last the life of your solar panels and your metal roof. The versatile solution can be used in two orientations to cover module frames from 30-46 mm thick.

PVKONCEAL also helps to minimize the intrusion of small animals, debris and unwanted objects under the solar array. 

Learn more about the product featured in this case study.

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