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Sky Television Satellite Installs GRIPPERFIX® to Neighborhood

Project at a Glance

“This simple mounting solution results in installation time and cost savings onsite and happy customers. The product warranties, aesthetics and non-intrusive application gives us and our clients peace of mind that things are installed the right way—so much so that we are now a proud distributor of the entire S-5! product range. When it comes to mounting rooftop equipment and ancillaries to metal roofing, nothing compares to GRipperFix.”


— Michael Carstairs, Managing Director, Pitch and Pixel Ltd., Christchurch, New Zealand

The Situation & Results

Sky Network Television is a New Zealand broadcasting company that provides pay television services via satellite, media streaming and broadband internet. Sky Television relies on Pitch & Pixel to provide rooftop satellite installations for its customers. They needed a non-penetrating mounting solution for metal roofs.

Pitch & Pixel discovered the GRIPPERFIX utility mounting system, which enables them to meet their customers’ demands for a high- quality, aesthetically pleasing metal roof mounting system.

What Worked?

Both homes utilize the GRIPPERFIX system to fasten the Sky satellite dishes to their standing seam roofs, with one system being powder coated to achieve precise color and finish-matching. Made of 100% non-corrosive materials, the GRIPPERFIX utility mounting system is a simple and economical metal roof attachment that enables mounting almost anything to both exposed-fix and standing seam metal roofs simply and easily without jeopardizing roof integrity and is ideal for installing satellite dishes, electrical conduits, HVAC and other rooftop equipment and ancillaries. For standing seam roofs, components include the GRIPPERFIX strut, non-penetrating S-5! clamps that grip the seam, and CF Tabs. Just slide the tabs into the strut and attach to the top of the clamp with stainless bolts (provided). The result: an affordable, secure, rust-free and  long-lasting metal rooftop mount.

Since metal roofing is increasing in popularity throughout New Zealand due to its durability and long-term sustainability, Sky customers are seeking satellite dish mounting solutions that will not compromise the integrity of their metal roofs. Pitch & Pixel conducted installations on two single-family residential properties in Christchurch. Both were extremely high-end architecturally designed homes that required an aesthetically pleasing but durabl,and discreet mounting solution as the dishes and mounts are highly visible from multiple vantage points. They also desired a high-quality solution that would not penetrate nor corrode the roof.

Long Term Outlook

The GRIPPERFIX utility mounting system provides Pitch & Pixel’s installation crew with a secure and dependable attachment solution, designed to last the life of the roof— at significantly lower cost than other mounting methods for metal roofing!

S-5! Products Used

GRIPPERFIX is a convenient method for attaching rooftop ancillaries without compromising roof integrity, warranties or safety. GRIPPERFIX provides the cost-effective, secure, rust-free and long-lasting metal-rooftop mount you need.

The S-5-S (“S” stands for snap-lock) is a non-penetrating, standing seam metal roof (SSMR) clamp. The S is designed for most popular vertical snap-together profiles -- typically with vertical dimensions of 1.5” (38 mm) and 1.75” (44 mm).

Learn more about the products featured in this case study.

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