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S-5! Manufacturing Plant Uses PVKIT To Boost Solar Power

Project at a Glance

“S-5! continues to grow and expand, and remains future-forward thinking focused on constant development and growth. The eco-friendly building addition enables us to double our production capacity. In 2011, the city of Iowa Park made us a sale offer on the building that we couldn’t refuse, and in return, we have created many new local jobs to date as our business continues to grow."

―Harry Carner, Vice President, S-5! Manufacturing

The Situation & Results

S-5! the originator of and leading authority on prudent metal roof attachment technologies, recently completed a 20,000+ square foot expansion of its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Iowa Park, Texas, including the addition of 202kW of rooftop solar PV. There was no shortage of challenges on this project. Ongoing delays due to the pandemic, heavy spring rains, labor shortages, subcontractor availability and the 2020 Texas deep freeze regularly interrupted the construction schedule. 

The expansion, designed to house a raw material warehouse and additional manufacturing capabilities, utilized green building components and has quadrupled the facility’s solar power generation, providing an estimated 36% of the plant’s total consumption. The addition features standing seam metal roofing with solar modules secured in place using S-5!’s very own products manufactured at the plant―the PVKIT® 2.0 along with the S-5-E and S-5-T Mini clamps. The solar installation– generating 300,000 kWh–will save the manufacturing plant thousands of dollars each month on its electric bills.

What Worked?

Hiring good, reliable local folks was the key to success. Because of S-5!’s trusted relationships with the general contractor and subcontractors, the Texas expansion project was completed in a timely manner without disruption to 24/7 production. The manufacturing plant wanted to supplement its power generation by adding solar PV to its electrical infrastructure. There are plenty of environmentally conscience reasons to make energy from the sun to run the facility, but federal and local incentives turned the cost into a sound investment by anybody’s measure.

Coordination of site logistics so that 24/7 plant production would not be impeded along with staging/moving equipment, re-configuring the whole plant, and material flows presented many challenges. Determining how to tie the buildings together with drastically different site grade elevations and marrying the canopy roofs added another layer of difficulty. Managing this construction project along with two others in Colorado, while simultaneously coordinating the solar design and installation for all three, presented additional challenges.

Long-Term Outlook

S-5! Products Used

It costs money every time you have to move materials and/or equipment. What if you could greatly reduce the weight and volume of your solar system? 

Using the PVKIT can save you up to 50% in:

  • Hardgoods - For example, a 50kW system requires about 150 lbs. (68kg) of parts vs. 970 lbs. (440kg) of rail.
  • Shipping - 80% lighter weight than rail mounting. Fewer than 3.5 lbs./kW (1.6kg) vs. 19.4 lbs. (8.6kg/kW) for rails.
  • Material transportation to the site - The 50 kW system delivers to the jobsite in the trunk of your car.
  • Lifting equipment not needed -  Equipment is only necessary for projects more than 500kW.
  • Installation time and cost - Locate modules as desired without customizing rails. Installation time is 30-50% less.
  • Aesthetically pleasing - Assembly is available in black architectural anodizing.

Learn more about the product featured in this case study.

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