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Ray Miller Community Center Uses S-5! CanDuit™ Clamps on New Roof

Project at a Glance

“This was our first time specifying S-5! The CanDuit clamp came highly recommended to us and lent itself to this project. The S-5! team was extremely helpful as we worked through the specifics of the project—great teamwork.”

—Edward J. Anisman, Principal, Interactive Resources Architects & Engineers

The Situation & Results

After many roof replacements, the city was ready for a new and better roof designed to last. They needed to support ±600 feet of rooftop conduit and piping, and wanted a roof that was solar-ready.

They chose a standing seam metal roof designed to last up to 50 years, providing them with the opportunity to add a photovoltaic array a later date. They chose the non-corrosive, non-penetrating CanDuit clamp and GRipperFix to attach the conduit and gas piping required for the building.

What Worked?

The key for the success of this project was selecting a standing seam metal roof – in conjunction with S-5! clamps – to allow for a future rooftop solar installation without the numerous penetrations necessitated by a conventional roofing system. The combination of the standing seam roof and the S-5! CanDuit for pipe and conduit securement was an ideal solution. The CanDuit clamp can be used in both residential and commercial settings for a range of applications and is designed to secure and support gas piping, condensate lines and other round-shape objects to metal roofs, in combination with any S-5! clamp, bracket or the GripperFix strut. The piping on this project ranged between 1⁄2 inch to 2-1⁄2 inches in diameter. The CanDuit comes in 14 sizes with adjustability within each clamp, so it was ideal for the project. Made from electro-zinc coated steel, the clamps feature an EPDM liner pad that tightly grips and protects the conduit to prevent abrasion, and a threaded M8 stud that allows for attachment to S-5! products—providing easy, organized securement without scratching, corrosion or other damage to the roof.

Existing gas piping and electrical conduit needed to remain roof-mounted as these were retrofit elements that could not be accommodated within the building’s interior. The lines are extensive and run parallel to the length of the building. Additionally, the city plans to install a PV array (in the future) that could potentially cover the full available roof space, selecting a penetration-free method for attachment to the new roof system was critical. The longest conduit run was 100 feet. The conduit provides power from the electrical room at the east end of the building, crosses the roof and penetrates into the mechanical room at the west end of the building.

Long Term Outlook

The city now has a roof designed to last longer than any alternative roof type, and they have the perfect platform for mounting conduit, piping and rooftop solar without the need to penetrate the roof.

S-5! Products Used

Are you propping up pipes and conduit on your metal roof with wood blocks, cinderblocks, rubber pads, Unistrut or whatever else you can find? These haphazard and messy assemblies can trap moisture, cause corrosion and leech chemicals onto the roof, voiding its warranty. With the CanDuit securement clamp, you can contain piping and conduit in an easy, organized manner with no scratching, corrosion or other damage to your roof.


The S Mini clamp is a more economical solution for lighter duty attachments where Herculean holding strength is not required. All standard and Mini clamps undergo rigorous load testing. Negative load normal-to-seam testing (pull-up) is performed on all Mini clamps, and parallel-to-seam testing (drag load) is performed on all standard clamps.

Choose the S (or its Mini) to mount walkways, snow guards, solar panels and other mechanical equipment to snap-lock and some single-fold metal roof profiles. Although the S-5-U will work on these profiles, the S is a better fit and lower-cost solution.

Learn more about the products featured in this case study.

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