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Oak Hills School Adds ColorGard® to New Roof

Project at a Glance

“My philosophy has always been, ‘standing seam metal roofing doesn’t cost, it pays.’ It also pays to use a high- quality snow retention product. ColorGard is well-made, durable, simple and easy to install, matches the roof, and is designed and engineered to last the life of the roof.”

—Albert Shrock, Owner, Cherry Fork Metals, Richmond Dale, Ohio


The Situation & Results

Sustainability and safety were the priorities for this school in search of a penetration-free, aesthetically pleasing snow retention solution for its new standing seam metal roof.

ColorGard was custom-designed and engineered for this project to mitigate potential rooftop avalanches, dramatically reducing the risk of sudden and unexpected release of snow slides, which could pose a serious threat to school children, administrators and property below. The S-5! snow retention system did not compromise the roof integrity and is warranted for the life of the roof.

For the new re-roof project, the district reverted to its original plan and chose metal roofing. Cherry Fork Metals installed its 1-3/4”, Snap-Lock, galvanized, 22 gauge standing seam metal roof panels (roll formed on site) coated in a textured finish. Mounted to the roof is the complete S-5! ColorGard non-penetrating snow retention system.

What Worked?

The school district chose metal roofing for the project due to its long-term sustainability and reliability. They chose a textured finish metal because not only is it known for combatting potential sun glare and oil canning, but it also provided a better grip for installers walking on the roof. And if the need ever arose to access the roof, the maintenance man could walk on it, even when it was wet, without worrying about slipping and falling. Albert recommended ColorGard for the project. Manufactured from 100% non-corrosive materials and extensively tested for load-to-failure results, ColorGard dramatically reduces the risks associated with rooftop avalanches by controlling roof snow migration. The non-penetrating snow guard system complements the look of the school’s unique burnished slate roof with a clean appearance and perfect color and finish-matching, all designed and warranted to last the life of the roof.

Albert Shrock, a local Amish metal roofer and owner of Cherry Fork Metals, drove by the school daily on his way to work. He learned about the leaky asphalt roof from the school’s maintenance man who Albert became acquainted with while working on his home some years prior. Albert knew the district was tired of dealing with all the leaks, and they wanted a roof that would last. However, with the switch to a metal roof, came concerns about the risk of snow sliding off the roof, potentially harming school children, administrators and property below. They wanted to make sure they had a snow retention solution that would mitigate snow slides and one that wouldn’t detract from the beautiful, burnished slate roof.

Long-Term Outlook

The school district was able to achieve the quality look it wanted with a long-lasting metal roof and snow retention system that maintains the roof integrity, mitigates potential rooftop avalanches, and complements the look of the roof―for the life of the roof. The school district was so impressed with its new roof that immediately following the re-roof project, it chose metal roofing for its local elementary school’s new addition project.

S-5! Products Used


Powder-coated and air-dried paint finishes fade faster than the roof, producing an unsightly mismatch in just a few years. ColorGard’s finish match lasts the life of the roof - guaranteed because it is the same material as the roof! Our metal roof snow guards can be easily installed any time of the year. Retrofit ColorGard to an existing roof or incorporate it in the new roof design.

Learn more about the product featured in this case study.

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