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ColorGard® custom-designed and engineered for Niemonds Independent Church!

Project at a Glance

“ With S-5! products, you can be confident that the clamps will hold for the long-term, unlike glue-on products.Most S-5! clamp designs also use zero-penetration technology to maintain roof integrity and avoid leaks. We
highly recommend S-5! clamps and snow retention systems for any roofing job.”

— Lavern Zimmerman, AB Martin

The Situation & Results

Sustainability and safety were the priorities for this church in search of a penetration-free, aesthetically pleasing snow retention solution for its new charcoal standing seam metal roof that would both match the roof and last the life of the roof.

ColorGard was custom-designed and engineered for this project to mitigate potential rooftop avalanches, dramatically reducing the risk of sudden and unexpected release of snow slides, which could pose a serious threat to church-goers and property below.

What Worked?

The church selected a metal roof for its durability, environmental sustainability, style, versatility and extended service life. Metal roofing is quite common in this area and its benefits are well known to the local community. The metal sheets were rollformed at AB Martin, shipped on skids to the Jobsite and installed. The roof has three different pitches with vented ridge caps (vented closures) and a synthetic- asphaltic underlayment on the roof deck. They chose a textured finish metal not only for its aesthetics, but it provided a better grip for installers walking on the roof. Given the weather conditions, it would be nearly impossible to walk on the roof otherwise. The church utilized the complete ColorGard system, including the S-5-S Clamp, VersaClip, and SnoClip II for its perfect color and finish-matching, designed and warranted for the life of the roof. They found the aesthetic and long-lasting solution they were seeking including a textured finish on the ColorGard. S-5! offered the fully tested and engineered safety and protection from potential snow slides to safeguard pedestrians and property below.

The church needed a long-lasting, weathertight roof and desired an aesthetic snow retention solution that would precisely match their new charcoal-colored, pre-finished, textured roof. They sought to protect church-goers from ice and snow sliding off the roof and onto the new pedestrian sidewalk causing damage below. Additionally, this area of Pennsylvania experiences much rain, snow, sleet, and hail with high winds regularly sweeping through. And, the church is located in a valley which makes these weather conditions particularly challenging for any construction project.

Long-Term Outlook

The church was able to achieve the quality look it wanted with a long-lasting metal roof and snow retention system that maintains the roof integrity mitigates potential rooftop avalanches and complements the look of the roof―for the life of the roof.

S-5! Products Used

Powder-coated and air-dried paint finishes fade faster than the roof, producing an unsightly mismatch in just a few years. ColorGard’s finish match lasts the life of the roof - guaranteed because it is the same material as the roof! Our metal roof snow guards can be easily installed any time of the year. Retrofit ColorGard to an existing roof or incorporate it in the new roof design.

ColorGard Benefits:

  • Free lifetime material/defect warranty
  • Limited lifetime performance warranty available
  • Optional job-specific, low-cost P.E. wet stamp available
  • Affordable cost with documented holding strength
  • Compatible with all standing seam and exposed-fastened metal roof profiles
  • Perfect color and finish-matching for the life of the roof
  • Easy-to-use online project calculator for job-specific engineering and BOM
  • Proven performance since 1995 – 4,000+ miles of installations without a single documented failure
  • Readily available from 60+ locations in the U.S. and Canada
  • Endorsed by every major metal roof manufacturer in North America

Learn more about the product featured in this case study.

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