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Emirates National Bank In Duabi adds 236kW of solar using S-5! PVKIT®

Project at a Glance

“Traditionally, we are a rail-based installer. We wanted to use S-5! for a long time because we understand the mechanics of S-5! products are top quality. With imitation products, you can literally put your finger under the panel and lift them right off the roof. That doesn’t happen with S-5! The design of the building is robust and quite impressive so utilizing an aesthetic solar mounting solution was of utmost importance. The PVKIT was easy to assemble and fix around. Everything fell right into place.”

— Ayaz Alware, Senior Manager – Engineering, Sharaf DG Energy

The Situation & Results

Solar installers needed a lightweight, aesthetic solar attachment solution for the standing seam metal roof on the Emirates NBD parking garage project.

The S-5! direct-attach (rail-less) solar PV mounting solution provided a low-profile system, allowing the maximum use of space and making it easier for installers than a traditional rail system.

What Worked?

Extreme hot weather conditions in Dubai (reaching up to 48 degrees Celsius during the summer months/118 degrees Fahrenheit), and the available sun energy of 2200 kWh per kWp presented the optimal opportunity for rooftop solar. The solar installer selected the PVKIT® direct-attach (rail-less) solar solution paired with the S-5-V clamp to provide an aesthetically pleasing, low-profile mounting system, allowing the maximum use of space on the roof.

Featuring just three components, the U.S.-made PVKIT enabled solar installers to fix solar panels directly onto the metal roof. The PVKIT’s pre-assembled components considerably reduce installation time and cost for PV mounting by eliminating the need for an elaborate rail system, while also providing better load distribution into the roof and substructure.

Using the S-5! mounting gear was also a mere 15% of the weight of rail mountings, and the only system recommended by the roof system manufacturer Aegis Roofing Company.

The goal for the car park was to create a structure 100% powered by solar utilizing the entire rooftop space allotted. The system would not only need to power the structure’s elevators, EV charging stations and lighting throughout, but would also need to supplement the office building nearby. Additionally, the deflection of the roof was between 20-30 mm (3/4 to 1.2 inches), which made installing and aligning the solar modules challenging. Installers needed a lightweight solution to secure the solar modules to the standing seam roof. This was a premium project for installer SDG Energy (Sharaf DG) Contracting LLC so they sought a premium solar mounting solution to meet all of the requirements for the project.

Long Term Outlook

The Emirates NBD parking garage project was able to utilize the maximum roof space for its 236kW solar array by utilizing the lightweight PVKIT solar solution, in line with its goal to achieve sustainability through energy-efficient building technologies.

S-5! Products Used

The pre-assembled PVKIT® used in rail-less solar PV mounting can save you in logistics and installation time. It is compatible with all S-5! clamps and most brackets. It fits all 30-46 mm module frames and offers multiple slots for wire management.]

The S-5-V (“V” stands for vertical) is a cost-effective solution for most machine-folded seams in vertical orientation and within certain dimensions. It is non-penetrating and one of our most popular standing seam metal roof clamps. 

Learn more about the products featured in this case study.

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