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Demolition Ranch Adds 3.84 kW of Solar with S-5! ProteaBracket™

Project at a Glance

“It is well known in the industry that S-5! is the leader in metal roof attachments. We chose the ProteaBracket because it came highly recommended to us for this project. We were surprised at how quick and easy it was to install, and it provided the weathertight solution we were seeking. We have been using S-5! ever since.”

— Brandon Jones, Co-Founder, Earth Smart Solar

The Situation & Results

Earth Smart Solar needed a fully engineered, corrosion-resistant, weathertight solar mounting solution that would last the life of the roof.

Since this was the installer’s first exposed-fastened metal roof project, he sought advice from others in the industry who recommended the ProteaBracket, a versatile solar PV component for attachment to exposed-fastened, trapezoidal-rib metal roof profiles.

What Worked?

Twelve solar panels were installed on the south-facing roof with room for additional panels on the remaining roof, should the owner choose to install additional solar at a later date. A versatile bracket for mounting solar PV to trapezoidal metal roof profiles, the fully pre-assembled ProteaBracket fastens into the sheeting and features an adjustable attachment base to accommodate different roof profiles and module attachment options. Its pre-applied EPDM gasket with peel and stick adhesive makes installation a snap, ensuring accurate and secure placement and a weather-proof fit. And since the ProteaBracket is light weight, it made transporting a cinch. Made of aluminum, the bracket enables a corrosion-free attachment.

There is no electricity on the property. Installing electrical service was not a viable option, so the owner set out to build an off-the-grid facility. His total power needs included LED lighting, power tools, a mini-split air conditioning system, a small refrigerator and a small water pump (he also installed a rainwater catchment system for harvesting water for later use). The challenge was to find a corrosion- resistant solar mounting solution for the building’s exposed-fastened metal roof profile that would withstand the area’s heavy rain and winds. Additionally, since the facility is located in the countryside, requiring contractors to traverse hilly dirt roads to the jobsite, transporting tools and materials presented logistical challenges.

Long Term Outlook

The ProteaBracket provided the quality look the owner wanted with an easy-to-install lightweight and weathertight solar mounting solution— designed and engineered to last the life of the roof.

S-5! Products Used

The ProteaBracket fits most trapezoidal sheet profiles, including pre-assembled foam core panels (IMPs - Insulated Metal Panels). 

  • Adjustable attachment base to accommodate varying rib widths, heights, and angles with multiple module mounting options
  • Attached to the sheeting only, no messy sealants and comes with a factory-applied, EPDM pad to ensure quick installation and a weather-proof fit

ProteaBracket is mounted directly onto the crown of the trapezoidal sheet using stainless-capped screws (provided) or Bulb-Tite rivets (sold separately). It has been rigorously tested for load-to-failure results in sheeting only.

Learn more about the products featured in this case study.

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