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Aboriginal Sustainable Homes reduces its dependency on electricity using S-5!’s sheeting-only attachment solution

Project at a Glance

" The whole system is very lightweight and super easy to get up on the roof and install. We will definitely be using the S-5! rail-less, direct-attach system again, and recommend other installers definitely give it a try to experience the ease and simplicity of the whole system.”
—Sam Tapscott, Managing Director, Plan A Electrical, Moree, NSW Australia

The Situation & Results

Aboriginal Sustainable Homes (ASH) designs
and constructs indigenous sustainable homes
that are culturally sensitive and compatible
with cultural norms and practices of indigenous
communities, while providing project
management services, an education and training
program designed to help indigenous people
enter the construction industry, and employment
and career opportunities.
Given the metal roofs’ trapezoidal profile, a traditional racking
solution could not be used due to limited access to the roofs’
purlins/rafters and because most racking systems require
attachments to the structure for this type of profile.
Additionally, the remote location of this community – located
500 kilometers from the nearest major airport – would mean
higher freight charges and a longer wait time for the delivery
of traditional rails.

A new ASH community located in Moree features four homes with 15.54-kW of solar PV (total)
secured to Versiclad Spacemaker insulated trapezoidal metal roofing using S-5!’s PVKIT 2.0
and RibBracketTM I.

What Worked?

Structural Engineering Firm, Lex 3 Engineering was brought in to measure the roof profile, including the height of the ridges, the gauge, the rafters and the girders. From there, they would need to complete the structural engineering required for the project.

Due to the facility’s high level of energy consumption, solar installer Sunfind Solar was charged with fitting as much solar on the roof as possible and finding an economical anchoring system that together would meet the engineering requirements.

S-5! offers a sheet-only attachment solution so the limited access to the purlins/rafters was an asset to mounting solar. The RibBracket is mounted directly onto the crown area of the trapezoidal sheet, straddling the profile. This sheeting- only attachment allows the bracket to be mounted anywhere along the ribs of the roof and can be quickly aligned allowing module installation “on-the-fly.” Together with the PVKIT pre- assembled components, the S-5! solution provided a rail-less, direct-attach mounting method  The logistical challenge of delivery to a remote area was eliminated because the entire solar mounting solution of 23 kg could easily be transported in a single carton along with all tools required for installation. (This is 85% less weight and 90% less volume of rail components.)

Long-Term Outlook

The Aboriginal Sustainable Homes project was able to reduce its dependency on electricity and supplement its power generation by providing solar power for its
electrical generation requirement using S-5!’s sheeting-only attachment solution.

S-5! Products Used

The RibBracket is the perfect attachment solution for specific North American trapezoidal, exposed-fastened metal roofs.These profiles are commonly referred to as R-Panel or PBR-Panel.

Mount HVAC, walkways, snow guards, railed PV systems and more to your metal roof. You can also pair this metal roof bracket with the S-5-PVKIT® for rail-less (direct-attach™) solar PV mounting. When additional height is desired with the S-5-PVKIT, use RibBracket III.

With the RibBracket, there are no messy sealants to apply. The factory-applied, EPDM rubber gasket weatherproofs and makes installation easy. The reservoir conceals EPDM from UV exposure, preventing drying and cracking.

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