Why Should You Choose S-5! for Your Metal Roof?

...Because We Stand Behind Our Products With Engineering, Certified Material, Certified Manufacturing and Rigorous Testing.


What Makes S-5! Different?

What makes any company the leader in their product category, standing out from all others who follow?

It is a culture and ethos within its leadership to strive for perfection. From business ethic and customer service to the quality of its products, this drive for perfection leads to excellence in every aspect of our business. When we say “The Right Way®,” it is not just a slogan-- it is the credo and rule of conduct for everything we do.

Having served the industry from the beginning as the original inventor of an all-new, distinctive product category, we have the knowledge, research, engineering, testing, production capability, ingenuity and overall expertise to develop and stand behind our products like no other in this marketplace.

We strive daily to earn your trust and be your choice for metal roofing attachment solutions by doing what we do “the right way.


We’re a Hands-On Company, Designing Technologies and Solutions for Real-World, Problem-Solving.

In 1992, S-5! created an entirely new market and its own distinctive category of engineered, manufactured metal roof attachments. CEO and Founder of S-5!, Rob Haddock, was a long-time metal roofing contractor and consultant.

During his consulting career, Rob was often asked to determine why a roof had failed. With a hands-on contracting and problem-solving background, he realized the need for a prudent and permanent solution for the attachment of rooftop ancillaries, such as snow guards, service walkways, antennae, HVAC and more.

This led to his disruptive technology inventions, creating the opening for a whole new product category and the establishment of S-5! and Metal Roof Innovations, Ltd.

We Designed a Simple Solution for an Age-Old Problem.

With nearly 60 issued patents and a track record dating back to 1992 as the industry’s leading provider of metal roof attachment technologies, S-5! offers you a permanent solution to a 1,000-year-old problem. 

No one imagined it could be so simple. S-5! technologies were an industry game-changer.

Why Do We Set the Bar So High?

Having invented the space of engineered, manufactured metal roof attachments, we set a high bar of excellence. We have a reputation and responsibility to maintain it—and always have.

Continuous Innovation
With all three of Rob’s adult children now in the family business, along with a full complement of design/engineering staff, a testing lab and our own production facility, S-5! continues to constantly innovate new and better attachment solutions. You can count on us to be in a continuous product improvement and invention/reinvention mode within the space we originally created, bringing you the latest product technologies.


Why We Only Do Business The Right Way®

Maintaining Integrity 
The integrity of our company is not for sale—at any price. If we have a lower cost solution, we make sure you are aware. If we screw up, we go above and beyond to fix it. The way we look at it, if you have a problem with our product and bring it to our attention, you are doing us a favor! That’s just how we roll. 

Our customers understand the depth of knowledge, research, engineering and rigorous testing that goes into each and every one of our products, to ensure safety and maintain the structural, metallurgical and weatherproof integrity of the roof 


Do You Know Where S-5! Products are Manufactured?

Many companies say they perform their own manufacturing, when in truth they outsource to the lowest bidder. Knowing (not guessing) where the products you purchase come from is important.

Here at S-5!...our manufacturing facility is solely designed, customized and dedicated to manufacturing certified attachment solutions for your project needs [more on our production facility].

Certified Material, Certified Manufacturing
100% made in the U.S.A., the S-5! manufacturing plant represents state-of-the-art equipment and automation, certified to ISO 9001:15 quality assurance standards.

So, you can be assured we use only certified raw material and are regularly audited by UL, FM, ICC, TÜV, and SAI Global [more on certification].

Did You Know S-5! Guarantees Its Products?

Our products are the only ones-of-their-kind that have actually outlived their warranties because we have been making parts for nearly 30 years. We stand behind our products so you can trust standing under them.

We offer two comprehensive warranties:

We are here for the long haul. Our business has grown each year since inception--even through recessionary times. We have always been a debt-free company. We are bankable and will continue to be there for the long haul to honor any warranty claim.

We Offer You Engineered Solutions for Less.

We manufacture more products than all of our direct competitors combined and produce in a fully automated plant. These high-volume efficiencies produce significant economies of scale, enabling us to deliver you a much higher value for significantly lower costs.

Customer Commitment
We are interested in saving you money because we understand your challenges and have walked in your shoes. That's one reason we’ve had so many customers for more than a quarter century.

We also know when you need an answer, you need it now―our technical support team responds to your inquiries almost immediately. We are family, and we treat you like family.

Tested. Trusted. Engineered.

S-5! products have revolutionized the metal roofing industry and are now installed on more than 2 million metal roofs worldwide.

Architects, roof consultants, building owners, roof manufacturers and metal roof contractors alike endorse S-5! as the safest engineered products of their kind and the most trusted name in the industry…we do things the right way.

3,000+ Certified Load Tests and Counting

We use only ISO 17025 accredited testing labs—the highest-regarded in the industry—and follow strict ASTM standards.

Accepted by the International Code Council, S-5! established the industry’s testing protocols and has conducted 3,000+ individual load tests on every conceivable metal roof profile in numerous gauges and materials, including coated steel, copper and zinc, so you can be assured a quality product.

No other metal roof attachment company who appears in the market and copies our inventions can say that.

Our Continuing Education Classes

Continuing Education
At S-5!, we offer an assortment of training in the field of metal roofing. We are an American Institute of Architects (AIA) accredited Continuing Education Provider.

Our NABCEP-approved solar courses provide continuing education units (CEUs) to those who wish to enhance their credentials.

S-5! University offers webinars that cover installation, best practices, product demonstrations and more on solar PV, snow guards, utility mounting, etc., on both standing seam and exposed-fastened metal roofing.

Visit the S-5! Training Center to explore all of our learning opportunities.