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October 6th, 2022 at 1:00pm EDT

Solar PV Return on Investment (ROI) – How Your Roof and Mounting System Impacts How Much Money You Make


S-5!’s Director of Product Development, Mark Gies

S-5’s Director of Sales, Greg Cowlishaw



There are many reasons to install solar, and more and more one of the big reasons is to make money. With the cost of solar at all-time lows and increased federal, state, and local financial incentives, solar pays for itself quicker than ever. Then it is a lot of pure savings for the duration. Solar is very much a lucrative investment, so it is important to understand how the rewards are measured and how product and installation decisions impact those rewards. For rooftop solar PV, the roof type and mounting system have an impact on lifetime costs and savings. In fact, it is best to view solar + roof as a single asset.

In this episode of S-5!’s video series, Patrick, Greg, and Mark will walk through the ways to understand the financial pieces of a solar investment and how savings can be measured. The impact on savings from different mounting structures and roof types will be discussed, and also that the potential need to re-roof with some roof types will have a negative effect on cash flow.


Takeaways from this virtual event:

  • What are the different roofing types and solar PV installed on them
  • Overview of a cash-flow analysis to measure ROI of a solar installation
  • How different roof and solar mounting types impact ROI and how to view solar + roof as a single asset