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Off-Grid Mountain-Top Community Utilizes PVKIT® For Electric Charging Station

“When it comes to solar technology, living in harsh weather conditions demands high quality, fit-for-purpose products. The PVKIT rail-less mounting system and range of brackets are suitable for all roof types and weather conditions. This simple, secure and economical solution requires minimal components and comes with a lifetime warranty designed to outlast your roof. 

―Glen Morris, Principal, SolarQuip

Project at a Glance

The Situation & Results

Nestled among the Yarra Ranges, 67 kilometres east of Melbourne, Australia, Moora Moora is a co-operative community hosting 30 solar-equipped, off-grid homes, 70 people and three electric vehicles (EVs). Reaching freezing temperatures in winter and scorching heat in summer, the community’s residents required shelter to protect their EVs from the elements while charging.

The PVKIT solar solution paired with the CorruBracket™ 500T PV provided a low-profile mounting system specifically for corrugated iron roofing, allowing the maximum use of space and a clear run of water from the roof.

To provide such protection and also fast-charge their vehicles, a shared community carport was constructed, purpose-built for rooftop solar photovoltaics (PV). The carport features a corrugated iron roof with a 9.5kW solar array. Twenty LONGi solar panels are mounted in landscape position to the roof using the PVKIT® rail-less solar mounting solution along with the CorruBracket 500T PV.

What Worked?

Using the CorruBracket 500T PV allowed solar panels to be laid in landscape position, maximising the space and providing additional charging capacity for the community. This top-fixed bracket sits high on the roof to provide optimal airflow above the valley of the corrugation. It marries well with the PVKIT providing a 1” gap so the bracket can be adjusted. The landscape mounting of the panels, combined with the absence of rails, means the passage for a clear flow of snow, water and debris is virtually obstruction-free. Without rails, the weight load of the carport also allowed for additional panels.

The CorruBacket 500T PV is a lightweight solution and comes with factory-applied, EPDM rubber gasket material already in the base so there’s no chance for leaks onto the vehicles below.

With safety always at the forefront, especially with a lightweight structure, the brackets can be prepped on the ground using simple instructions, meaning less time spent working on the roof. Earthing was also easy to achieve with the brackets as they automatically bond frame-to-frame. All S-5! kits are delivered in small boxes, with the EV charging station project requiring only 50 brackets in three boxes. No long rails on the roof meant a safer installation, a more environmentally friendly solution and a maximum use of roof space for additional charging power.

Long-Term Outlook

S-5! Products Used

Specifically Designed to Marry with the PVKIT®

With the CorruBracket 500T PV, the “500” bracket designation refers to metric dimensioning. See the  “100” for imperial compatibility. 

The 500T PV is designed to be paired with the S-5-PVKIT for direct-attach™ solar mounting. The 500T PV features a slotted hole for 25 mm of adjustability, as well as an open channel for wire management.

Choose the 500T PV for mounting to 16-22 mm (H) x 76 mm rib-pitch corrugated roofing profiles.

Learn more about the product featured in this case study.

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