LEED® Registered Building Projects

This guideline describes the USGBC’s LEED 2009—Green Building Design and Construction rating program, and offers information on how S-5!® products can be used by design professionals involved in a LEED registered building project.

S-5!® Products and LEED

Metal roofs are a durable and sustainable building construction product and the use of S-5! products is the best way to attach any item to a metal roof. As part of a complete metal roof system, S-5! products can be used to help qualify a building project for LEED points.

The S-5! products allow for an easy, non-penetrating and secure method of attachment for photovoltaic panels or other on-site renewable energy technologies mounted on a metal roof or ground-mounted system. This is an integral part of increasing the energy efficiency of a building.

S-5! products can be used to attach snow guards. Snow retained on roofs with snow guards provide an extra insulation layer to the roof during the time of the year when heating loads dominate. The S-5! snow guards—ColorGard®, SnoRail™, and SnoFence™—are made from recycled materials, are fully recyclable (unlike plastic snow guards), and are mechanically attached to a metal roof without the use of chemical adhesives.

A metal roof can directly qualify for one point in the Sustainable Sites Category based on its radiative properties. But a metal roofing system on a LEED registered project can also qualify toward many other points in the LEED 2009 rating program. S-5! products used with metal roofing systems provide many benefits to the durability and integrity of the roofing system. Using the LEED program as a tool, a project design team evaluates and integrates all products and processes in a whole building approach in their efforts to create a sustainable building. S-5! products can help a building project achieve LEED certification.

The design team, made up of architects, facility managers, construction managers, designers and owners, need to integrate all products and processes in a whole building approach in their efforts to create a sustainable building. The LEED program is a tool to achieve this.