"S-5!® is the greatest thing to happen to metal roofing since Galvalume®!"
–Angelo Borzillo, Co-Inventor of Galvalume®

Angelo Borzillo: Metal Roof Innovator

In the 1960s, two young Bethlehem Steel researchers, Angelo Borzillo and Jim Horton, began a program to develop a hot-dip coated steel that married the barrier corrosion resistance of aluminized steel with the sacrificial protection of galvanized steel. They could never have envisioned how successful their development would become.

The coated steel they invented was Galvalume®. The growth of Galvalume sheet steel around the world has been remarkable and its cumulative global production has far exceeded the 100 million ton milestone. Read More About Angelo’s Story and the Future of Galvalume.

Learn more about Galvalume and BEIC.

Rob Haddock: Metal Roof Attachment Solutions Innovator

S-5! founder Rob Haddock was recently interviewed by Metal Construction News as part of the publication’s Leadership Series. Rob describes how he got started in the metal roofing industry, his years as an industry consultant, and his initial innovations that led to the birth of S-5!

In Part 1 of the interview series, Rob describes how S-5! earned Angelo Borzillo’s solid endorsement. After knowing each other for years, Ange said to Rob: “We went around all over the country looking at these Galvalume roofs and the material far exceeded our expectations. But some of the things we saw people do to roofs were absolutely abominable—causing leaks, corrosion and other problems. Your S-5! clamp would have solved 90 percent of the problems we saw!”

Watch Rob Haddock’s Interview Describing How S-5! Earned Angelo’s Solid Endorsement.