Utility System Components

S-5!®’s uniquely designed flanged Mini clamps provide the most versatile utility mounting solution for standing seam metal roofs. They enable easy attachment of almost any conceivable utility application, including: signs, banners, light fixtures, gas piping, roof walkways, HVAC equipment, lightning protection systems, condensate lines, stack/flue bracing, fascias, equipment screens, electrical conduit, antennas, cabling and more.

The S-5-USF Mini fits 85% of U.S. standing seam profiles including most snap together and machine folded seams. The S-5-EF Mini is specifically for double-fold standing seams, while the S-5‑ZF Mini fits bulb-shaped profiles. If the metal roof profile isn’t compatible with the three flanged clamps mentioned above, our S-5-FA can be used to quickly provide a flanged component to any of the other S-5! Mini clamps, such as the S-5-N Mini for 1″ nail‑strip profiles, the S-5-T Mini for T-shaped profiles, the S-5-Q Mini for large bulb‑shaped profiles and S-5-K Grip™ Mini for bulb snap‑together profiles.

Implementation Example

S-5-USF Mini

Load Test Results

S-5-USF Mini Load Test Results S-5-EF Mini Load Test Results S-5-ZF Mini Load Test Results S-5-FA Mini Load Test Results