"S-5!® is the greatest thing to happen to metal roofing since Galvalume®!"
–Angelo Borzillo, Co-Inventor of Galvalume®

“After replacing thousands of failed snow guards, I said ‘Never again!’ Now, every project we do, we use S-5!®”
–Andy Anderson, CEO, Interstate Panel

“Fast and easy to install with absolutely no penetrations! The website information was extremely helpful.”
–Neil Parker, President, TN Parker Construction

“After testing several options, S-5!® was deemed the best. Everything came out stunning.”
–Scott Miller, President, Milcon Construction

"We have been long-time S-5! converts. Since the time ColorGard® was introduced in the early 90’s, we have never looked back – easily making it the top product we purchase. In all those years, we have never had a problem. We’re a commercially-oriented construction company; and the demanding climate in New England requires dependable and durable attachments. S-5! products not only offer this, but are quick and easy to install. They offer the best quality and performance record in the industry. I especially appreciate S-5!’s back-up data offering specific, engineered information regarding row number and clamp spacing. Most importantly, their products perform well, always fit, and are extremely installer-friendly. S-5! has earned our trust for more than two decades. We always specify S-5! for our projects - and always will. "
- Keith Wentworth, President (2018), Metal Building Contractors and Erectors Association (MBCEA) and Vice-President, Dutton & Garfield, Hampstead, NH

"We enjoy working with S-5! products whenever we get the opportunity. The quality is always there no matter what we are attaching to, we know it will fit and be made with quality in mind. Parts and pieces are made to fit together with ease.Using S-5! clips as a base allow us to attach any number of things to a roof without having to worry about warranty issues down the line, even during construction. If we do have questions we know that the S-5! support team will be quick to answer to keep our projects moving forward."
- Mike Cain, Project Manager at Big Johnson Construction, Fort Morgan, CO

"We went around all over the country looking at these Galvalume® roofs and the material far exceeded our expectations. But some of the things we saw people do to roofs were absolutely abominable—causing leaks, corrosion and other problems. Your S-5! clamp would have solved 90 percent of the problems we saw!"
- Angelo Borzillo, Co-Inventor of Galvalume® 55% Aluminum-Zinc Alloy Coated Sheet Steel

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"After testing several options, S-5! was deemed the best. ColorGard® adds strength without compromising appearance. Everything came out stunning!"
- Scott Miller, President, Milcon Construction, San Antonio, TX

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"Every single project we do, we use S-5! Like a lot of folks, in the old days we used to use the plastic glue-on snow guards because we didn’t really know there was an alternative. But after installing ten thousand snow guards on the New Jersey National Bank, and then having to REINSTALL thousands more when they failed, I said I’m never going to do this again."
- Andy Anderson, CEO, Interstate Panel, Trenton, NJ

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"We were delighted with the ease of installation. I was totally impressed with the huge amount of information related to load values, clamp options and installation instructions that were available on the S-5! website. Our engineer was able to get onto the website and select the appropriate clamp for our roof profile, and find the supporting data we needed to give us the confidence that the clamps would hold up to the gusty winds of Colorado Springs."
- Neil Parker, President, TN Parker Construction, Colorado Springs, CO

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"We are very impressed by the S-5! product and even more so by the level of service we received. Well done—truly commendable."
- Neil Goss, Director, FreePhase (Pty) Ltd, Durban, South Africa

"We chose S-5! because it is the only product on the market that could be used to secure our custom PV mounting solution to a Butler Seam roof. They are easy to install, helping us reduce installation time."
- Michael Kornahrens, President, Advanced Green Technologies, Fort Lauderdale, FL

"Black Rock Solar owes a tremendous debt of gratitude to S-5! for donating the clamps that will attach the solar modules to the brand new standing seam metal roof. S-5! clamps helped make this project possible."
- Marnee Benson, Deputy Director, Black Rock Solar, San Francisco, CA

"Installation using the S-5! mini clamps was fast and efficient. For PV attachments on a standing seam roof, S-5! is the only way to go!"
- Luke Brandt, Project Manager, Kovach, Inc., Chandler, AZ

"The specially designed S-5! clamps made the installation of the electrical chases easier."
- Mark Shervin, Onsite Electrician, PowerLight Corp., Berkeley, CA

"The technical challenges and safety concerns were met with enthusiasm and resolve... an excellent effort!"
- Stephen Keane, Lonza Project Manager, Phoenix Solar, Phoenix, AZ

"The S-5! clamps and PVKITs were a key component in the success of getting the Tecumseh Arena PV project off of paper and onto the roof of the facility."
- Marco Calibani, Essex Energy, LaSalle, Ontario, Canada

"We were working so fast and efficiently that our client asked us to teach another crew on an adjacent project about S-5! clamps and how to use them."
- Ben Quartermaine, WES Industries, Sarasota, FL

"The only way the S-5-PV kit would be easier to install is if it had a magnet and we could just drop it on the roof."
- Tom Price, Black Rock Solar, San Francisco, CA

"I was very impressed with the ease of the installation, the non-intrusive look and the strength of the ColorGard® snow retention system."
- Larry Schuman, Residential Customer, Shaver Lake, CA

"We selected the ColorGard® system and have not only eliminated the problem (of failing gutter systems) on this project but it allows us to avoid the costs associated with snow and ice damage."
- Rocky Thompson, Upson Company, Caldwell, ID

"We choose S-5! for their reliability and great technical support. This installation is in a snow belt so proper attachment was crucial. Being able to install the system without penetrating the metal roof also helped us sell the project to the customer."
- Deborah Zarbo, Alternative Engineer, Frey Electric Construction, Tonawanda, NY