S-5!® PV Kit Solar Solutions

The concept of combining photovoltaic arrays with standing seam metal roofing is growing—and for good reasons. A standing seam metal roof has a life expectancy consistent with that of framed PV modules.

30-year power source on a 40-year roof, along with zero-penetration technology, creates the most sustainable roof system available with alternative power generation, all without compromising the roof manufacturer’s warranty!

S-5-PV Direct Attachment Solutions Packaging

Contact your distributor for pricing and ordering. Broken box quantities may incur additional charges.

S-5 UL PV Kit
Product packages in boxes of 75 and cases of 300.

Setscrews, flanged bolts and a screwgun bit tip are included in each box.

See our full line-up of clamps for detailed information and pricing.

To help you and your distributor design a S-5-PV Direct Attachment Solutions system for your purposes, check out our Web-based calculator.

Note: Do not use S-5-PV Direct Attachment Solutions with attachment spacing greater than 32" (81.3 cm). Custom S-5-PV Direct Attachment Solutions, Splice and SnoClips™ are available for seam spacing greater than 32" (81.3 cm). Please inquire through a distributor.