S-5!® PVKIT™ Solar Solutions

The concept of combining photovoltaic arrays with standing seam metal roofing is growing—and for good reasons. A standing seam metal roof has a life expectancy consistent with that of framed PV modules.

30-year power source on a 40-year roof, along with zero-penetration technology, creates the most sustainable roof system available with alternative power generation, all without compromising the roof manufacturer’s warranty!

Exposed Fastened

S-5!® has the best solar attachment solutions in the industry for exposed fastened roofs. Our extensive line of versatile and affordable brackets fit every shape and size of virtually every exposed fastened and corrugated roof profile on the market. S-5! brackets have been extensively tested for load-to-failure results and water tightness, and come with an industry-leading 25-year manufacturers warranty.

Our VersaGard™ bracket can be used in lieu of an L-foot to support the installation of photovoltaic panels. Fixed into the substrate, VersaGard works with most rail or racking systems on trapezoidal roofs, and can be oriented parallel or perpendicular to the roofline. In addition to VersaGard, the following S-5! brackets work with our S-5! PVKIT:

VersaBracket™ 47 and 67—trapezoidal roofs, fixed into the substrate
RibBracket I-IV™—fixed into the sheeting on the rib on trapezoidal roofs (covering 85% of all trapezoidal shapes)
CorruBracket™ 100T and 500T—perfect for corrugated roofs, fixed into the substrate
CorruBracket™ and CorruBracket™ 100T Mini and 500T Mini—for rail, attached into the sheeting on the rib
ProteaBracket™—fitting all trapezoidal rib shapes, fixed into the sheeting (usable with the PVKIT for direct attach solutions, or with a side or top mounted rail)