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Save Time and Ensure Quality Installation With Torque-Controlled Standing Seam Metal Roofing Tools

Ensure Proper Setscrew Torque Values are Consistently Achieved in Each and Every Project.

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Why Choose Panasonic Tools?

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Panasonic’s torque-indicating impact roofing tools for metal roofs are designed to ensure S-5!’s recommended setscrew torque values are consistently achieved.

Installers just set the impact tool to the desired torque value and hold the trigger. Radio transmitters indicate torque status, and the standing seam metal roof tool will automatically stop once the specified torque value is reached. Once the tool is calibrated, you’ll be able to achieve specified torque values for the duration of the project—saving time and ensuring a quality installation.

Buy Direct from S-5! Find a Distributor

Which Panasonic Assembly Tool is Right for Your Project?

Explore the Panasonic tools available for your next metal roofing project.

panasonic mechanical pulse torque metal roofing tool

Pricing runs between $500.00 - $1,000.00

* Pricing varies based on the model.


panasonic mechanical pulse torque metal roofing tool

Benefits of Panasonic Tools

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