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A Dial-Indicating Torque Wrench Ensures Correct Setscrew Tension:

The Holding Strength of S-5! Seam Clamps Depend on It!

Why Does S-5! Recommend a Dial-Indicating Torque Wrench?

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It is important to use a torque wrench to calibrate your screwgun when installing S-5! clamps. Our published test results depend upon adequate screw tension.

S-5! clamps derive their strength by creating a mechanical interlock. The setscrews are designed to compress the seam material and to push it into a cavity in the clamp body. The joint of the standing seams is a “soft joint”. This compression/deformation process occurs automatically as the setscrews are tensioned.

Commonly available “clicker” torque wrenches are not reliable for this purpose, but instead are for tensioning a “hard joint.” 

S-5! clamps are specifically designed for ease of installation with metal roofing tools that contractors and installers already have. But, one tool that may not always be in the toolbox is a Dial-Indicating Torque Wrench.

That’s why S-5! carries this dial-indicating tool. And, we pass it to you at cost.

Buy Direct from S-5!

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