S-5! Z- and E- Standing Seam Clamps Are Now Approved by the Building Authorities

S-5! Z and E terminals are known for their high quality and load bearing capacity.

From RoofTech GmbH, April 7, 2017 – Since the publication of the “Instructions for the production, planning and assembly of solar systems” of the DIBt, the fasteners used require a building inspection certificate. The group of the S-5! Z- and E- standing seam clamps fulfill this requirement with the approval of the DIBt (Z-14.4-719).

The S-5! Z clamps were tested on the following round rebate profiles of all these internationally active German manufacturers:

  • Kalzip aluminum standing seam profile of Kalzip
  • BEMO-FLAT-ROOF by Bemo
  • ALUFALZ and FALZ-RIPP from Aluform

The Z clamp, Z Mini and the Z Mini FL from S-5! have the approval for all these round fold profiles relevant to the market.

For applications on the double standing seam the S-5! E terminals on the Rheinzink double seam system have been tested and approved. The E Clip, E Mini and E Mini FL from S-5! are currently the only clamps which have a building inspection certificate for this double standing seam roof.

Result at all test was that the carrying capacity of the S-5! terminals are higher than those of the profiles. The tests and approval by the DIBt thus confirm the S-5! Z and E terminals are known for their high quality and load bearing capacity, as well as their suitability for attaching components, in particular of solar systems. Sales in Europe are carried out by RoofTech GmbH in Weil der Stadt (www.rooftech.de).