New Clamp Provides Dramatically Stronger Solution for Unique Profile

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO, May 20, 2013 — This week, S-5!® announced its newest metal roof ancillary attachment solution, the S-5-K Grip clamp. The S-5-K Grip was specifically developed to fit Klip-Rib® and other bulb snap-together seams.

The design utilizes multiple inserts (sold separately) in order to accommodate a variety of bulb snap-together profiles without piercing the metal roof panel. Each insert has a unique shape that allows for a tight fit and provides increased holding strength over other attachment options.

The S-5-K Grip also eliminates the large moment arm utilized by other clamps fitting these profiles. Instead, it features a low mounting surface area with the mounting bolt directly over the center of the seam. This dramatically increases the strength of the clamp, making it perfect for use with heavy-duty applications.

The head of the flanged bolts control the amount of compression, which reduces the possibility of over-compressing the seam, and the two-piece design allows it to be easily installed anywhere along the length of the rib. Installation is quick and easy, saving money on labor costs, and S-5!’s non-penetrating attachment method will not jeopardize roof manufacturers’ warranties or cause leaks.

Completely dominating the industry, S-5! attachment products have been installed on over 1.2 million metal roofs worldwide. S-5! has become the authority on rooftop attachment solutions that exhibit strength and longevity far exceeding all other options on the market. Spending 35 years as a roofing contractor and consultant, Rob Haddock was frustrated with products that were difficult to install and performed poorly over time. Rob founded S-5! to address these problems and his company now leads the industry with a full line of attachment solutions for solar, HVAC, snow retention, enhanced wind- uplift performance and countless other ancillary items. You can review the full line of S-5! products by visiting