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Our Team

The S-5!® team is made up of long-term, dedicated professionals with expertise in a wide variety of fields.

Our team carries vast experiences from research and development, engineering, manufacturing, customer service, sales, and marketing. When you’re the most trusted name in the business, you have great people. As market leaders, our mission is to be the only choice for metal roofing attachment solutions in the world. As industry activists, we continually pioneer studies that promote industry growth through innovative new products and service excellence.

Founder and CEO, Rob Haddock

Starting out as a metal building erection contractor at age 19, today Rob is a well-known metal roof consultant, author, speaker and inventor. With 45 years of experience in the industry, Rob has an unwavering belief that metal roofing is superior to other types of roofing, and strongly believes that his S-5! innovations are making metal the most user-friendly roof type on the market. “There is simply no other roof to which things can be attached with such ease, economy, and security,” he says.

Back in the 1980s and early ‘90s he was a faculty member of the Roofing Industry Educational Institute and is now an adjunct faculty member at the University of Wisconsin School of Engineering. He has also authored a number of training and educational curricula and, having studied metal roofing history and applications both domestically and abroad, he offers unique insight into this ancient but fascinating field.

For 15 years Rob operated one of the nation’s largest metal roofing companies with some 10 million square feet of successful installations nationwide.  Currently, Rob serves as Director of the Metal Roof Advisory Group, Ltd., a consulting firm performing a variety of services for a worldwide clientele.

Rob has authored numerous articles on metal roofing and gives countless educational talks for various trade groups. His presentations at METALCON and IRE rank as the most widely attended and highly rated year after year.  Rob is an honorary lifetime member of both the MBCEA and MCA.  He is also a charter inductee of the Metal Construction Hall of Fame and recipient of the Carl Cash Award (ASTM), the Richard Horowitz Award (RCI) and the Larry Swaney Award (MCA).


Joel Mandel


Shawn Haddock, S-5!

Shawn Haddock


Dustin Haddock

Vice President of Research & Development

Jessica Haddock

Marketing & Tradeshow Coordinator

Frank Hogan, S-5!

Frank Hogan

Business Development Director

Jedidiah Sparkman

Product Support & Inside Sales

Suzanne Cechini, S-5!

Suzanne Cechini


Darrell Barnett, S-5!

Darrell Barnett


Greg Cowlishaw, S-5!

Greg Cowlishaw

Director of Sales

David Stahler S-5!

David Stahler

Director of Distributor Development

Nik Holley, S-5!

Nik Holley

Product Development Manager

Jesse Winternitz, S-5!

Jesse Winternitz

Product Development Engineer

Shelly Higgins

Architectural & National Accounts Director

Shawn deAngelo

Business Development Manager

Juan Carlos Fuentes

International Sales Director

Kimberly Reichert

Content Writer

Curtis Ward

Video Content Developer

Matthew Smith

Software Engineer