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S-5!® Utility System

The new S-5!® Utility System is the most versatile utility mounting solution for standing seam metal roofs, and is exclusively by S-5!

The Utility System enables easy attachment of almost any conceivable utility application, including: signs, banners, light fixtures, gas piping, antennas, roof walkways, HVAC equipment, lightning protection systems, condensate lines, stack/flue bracing, fascias, equipment screens, electrical conduit, antennas, cabling, and more.

Utility System Components

Flanged Mini Clamps

With a selection of three uniquely designed flanged mini clamps, the Utility System can be mounted to every major metal roof profile. The S-5-USF Mini fits 85% of U.S. standing seam profiles. The S-5-EF Mini is specifically for double-fold standing seams, while the S-5-ZF Mini fits bulb-shaped profiles.

Clamp installation is simple. Just place the flanged mini clamp on the seam and tighten the round-point setscrew. Go to for information about properly attaching
S-5! clamps.

S-5-USF Mini

S-5-EF Mini

S-5-ZF Mini


If the metal roof profile isn't compatible with the three flanged clamps mentioned above, the Utility System can utilize the S-5-FA (flange adaptor) to quickly provide a flanged component to any of the other S-5! mini clamps, such as the S-5-N Mini for 1" nail-strip profiles and the S-5-T Mini for T-shaped profiles.

Dual Grip Strut

The Dual Grip Strut conveniently comes in 3.00" and 27.00" lengths, enabling a wide variety of attachment needs. Custom lengths are also available. It can be easily rotated 360° on the mini clamps for orientation versatility only S-5! can provide! US Patent D639,143 

Example Applications

Detailed Utility System Information
Brochures Arch Specs DWG AutoCad CAD PDF Zip Pkg

S-5-USF/EF Installation
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S-5-ZF Installation
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S-5-FA Installation
565.3 KB
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